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Heart of God India is a hub of Church plants where evangelism is the main function. We oversee faithful and fervent pastors who have proven their integrity and love of God, working side by side in outreach. A new area of ministry added fourteen more pastors to Heart of God India raising our count to a total of 59 pastors.


Heart of God India’s pastors generally oversee a couple of congregations and sacrifice much, traveling from area to area to preach the Word of God and minister to the people. We offer a very small amount of support to them ($22 per month), distributing those funds after receiving their report each month when they attend the School of the Bible.

Pastor team visits continue into villages where we have congregations, strengthening pastors in each village.   Our lead pastor continues with ministry in our main church and our newly dedicated church, as well as visiting each of our areas of ministry on a continual basis. Outreaches continue to unreached areas; sometimes we are able to feed those who come to hear the Word. Sometimes we are able to offering clothing or meet other needs. Many are being saved.


Each month, our pastors come together for our School of the Bible where they learn together, pray together, share concerns and give testimonies and reports.


I am looking for a volunteer

to oversee the Pastor Sponsorship program.


Please contact me (click here) if you can help.



Our orphanage is full with 32 children. Because of so many little bodies in such a small area, it is necessary to have a cooling unit for the orphanage. However, because of the general unreliability of power in India and the fact that the government shuts off power for several hours a day, an inverter is necessary to provide power for the orphanage. Temperatures are expected to reach 106 this week. You can donate to this one time need here:



Heart of God India Lepers

You might remember that we recently added a third leper colony to Heart of God India. There is still no permanent shelter for this group. They were found living in a ravine when we took them into our care. The addition of the third group now makes two of our leper colonies without a physical structure to give them a better sense of community and to shelter them from the heat and/or rain. They still meet together for weekly worship and, once a month, for food distribution. Many of our lepers still have to beg to make it through the month.



Financial Update


There is a serious need for funds in India. Please know that this ministry has the highest level of integrity. We all serve as volunteers, and do so out of our own homes. Every cent given into this Heart of God India goes into the ministry need in India. Please join us in volunteer effort, prayer, or financial donation. The need is urgent. The return is eternal.


“If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the poor,

he too will cry out and not be answered.”

Proverbs 21:13


Sudan 2012

Can you help me get there? You can be part of this exciting pioneer trip to Sudan by joining our prayer force or by contributing (click here)! I’m learning more about the situation and the people in Sudan. Please pray as we continue to prepare physically and spiritually. We will know more about the logistics of the trip after the Uganda outreach currently underway.  You can easily donate online here:  Links are provided to make it easy to donate by mail, phone, credit card or PayPal.  Please let me know if you’d like to join a special prayer force focusing on reaching those who haven’t heard.




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God has blessed us with a lot of activity which means there are many opportunities for everyone to be a blessing.  Volunteer, Give, Pray, Go!  We want you to know how much we appreciate you, your prayerful support, your donations of time and/or funding toward the eternal efforts of HGIM.  If there is any way we can serve you, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

God bless,

Jeanice McDade

Heart of God International Ministries

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