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Mining For Gold

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I was thinking this morning that life is somewhat like being a miner…for gold.  A gold miner’s life was not easy.  I have read very little on the subject, but I have watched a lot of Westerns,  and their portrayal of their life was not easy!
A gold miner would find a “stake”.  Perhaps a place near where someone else had already found gold, or somewhere he thought would hold the buried treasure.  Then he would stake a “claim” on it, call it his…saying to everyone around that whatever treasure would be found on this land would be his and his alone.
Then he would begin the process of “mining”.  If the gold was in the ground, he may have to use explosives to make a way for the hard work of digging that would follow.
If the gold was in the streams that had washed the precious metal from the heart of the earth, he would “pan” for his treasure.  He would constantly be on alert for those who would try to steal his claim, or the fruit of his labor.
I see life in the same way.  We all are miners.   Life is hard.  You have to be committed to find the gold.  Just as real gold is buried deep in the heart of the earth, the real treasures of life are buried deep and only those who are willing to “mine” or work for it, will enjoy its reward.
What are the treasures of life?  I am sure each person would have their own to share, but some I feel are universal:
  • A happy home life,
  • a good marriage,
  • good family relationships
  • healthy children
  • financial security,
  • and most importantly; knowing how important we are to the One who created us.
Just as a miner might look to stake his claim in places where others have already found gold; we may tend to look to others who have found the things in life we think will make us happy. But unless we look in the right places, we are sure to be disappointed.
Our Heavenly Father has left us with a “miner’s guide” if you will  It is the Word of God, the Bible.  That is the place where we will find buried treasure.  We will find the wisdom and guidance we need to find the buried treasures of life.  It will:
  • guide our decisions,
  • teach us how to live peaceably with all men,
  • how to be the best parents, wives and husbands we can be.
That does not mean that life will be a bed of roses for us, or that everything will turn out the way we want.  I am sure there were hundreds, if not thousands who went looking for gold, but returned empty handed.  But if we follow the Book, and obey its guidelines, our lives will be richer no matter the outcome.
Life is not for cowards.  It is hard work…and discouragements will come…but remember, there are gold nuggets to be found along the way if you keep at it…
I pray the Lord would bless you in your journey and draw your heart to Him…the true source of happiness.

Linda Kropp got saved at 14.  ” I always say that I didn’t get into a lot of trouble…because my mom wouldn’t let me!”  Linda was a was a missionary from 1973-1985 in the States, Europe and Asia, 9 of those in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Her husband was in the same mission, “Christ is the Answer” and they were married in Sri Lanka in 1980.

They have one daughter, Elisabeth, a son-in-law, a 4 yr. old granddaughter and brand new granddaughter.  They attend College Avenue Baptist Church in Bloomington where they both are Sunday School teachers.  In September of 2009, Linda was praying about a way to help missions and she felt the Lord put on her heart to open a thrift store in Clinton, IL and give 100 % of the profits to missions, crisis pregnancy centers and food pantries. So she did.  They also have a weekly Bible study; a mentoring program for homeschooled and public school students.They also have had numerous people commit their lives to Christ since they opened. It has become a ministry…and that is just the ones who have gotten saved. Many people come in daily with prayer needs and they pray for them.  They work with DOVE (a domestic violence program), the IDHS in Lincoln, and the Red Cross Disaster Relief.


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2 Responses to “Mining For Gold”
  1. David says:

    Hi Linda,
    I enjoyed your writing and perspective on happiness. Jesus himself is our true joy!
    My name is David with a ministry called Evident Faith. We feature stories (testimonies) of faithful followers of Jesus Christ, and wanted to see if you would share a short story of how awesome God has been in your life. Would you email me? God bless!


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