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Soldiers Bible Ministry Update

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Soldiers Bible Ministry (SBM) received an invitation from Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, to participate as an exhibitor at their ReNew Prayer Conference featuring Dr. Jim Cymbala, Jonathan Falwell, Brian Bloye and others. Special thanks to BettyLue Dew for her gracious invitation to participate…she is a powerful prayer warrior and precious sister in the Lord.

During the two-day conference, hundreds of people had an opportunity to stop by SBM’s exhibit to view an informative slide presentation about the various projects targeted by volunteer Executive Director, John Hoben, and staff. The table was filled with information about SBM, the Soldiers Pocket Bible Heritage Edition, Graphic Arts Competition, and Press Release among other things.

A wide variety of visitors stopped by to talk about their personal relationship with the military, whether husband, son, friend, or neighbor. Several shared their passion for the military and offered sincere thanks for what SBM is accomplishing by providing free Bibles and Bible study materials to individual troops, chaplains, and others upon request.

Among the many contacts made, SBM has an opportunity to connect with some of the men and women who are in the chaplaincy program at Liberty University. Other networking opportunities surfaced which will connect us to missionaries who have an open door to minister to the military in their respective countries.

For instance, we had the pleasure to meet Charles Hoblitz who has been ministering in the country of Georgia for the past 2-1/2 years. Georgia is an unreached nation and wide open to receive the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has had the opportunity to minister to several of Georgia’s military and has an open door to establish Bible studies and small groups on the bases.

The problem he faces most, however, is the lack of Bibles to give to those who are eager to learn. SBM is working with the American Bible Society and BiblicaDirect to arrange to have Bibles in the Georgian language sent to Brother Charles to strengthen his ministry to this country.

We met another gentleman who is doing research on PTSD and wants to work with us in any way he can. John Hoben and the PTSD team will be connecting with him in the very near future as they continue to build the nationwide network of resources to be made available to our service men and women addressing the critical emotional and spiritual issues associated with PTSD.

One of the greatest points of interest to the visitors was the fact that SBM will do whatever possible to provide Bibles in the native language of those who would be considered “ESL” (English Second Language). Copies of Bibles in various languages were on display although the Arabic Bible drew the most attention.

This opened the door to share the account of a shipment of Swahili Bibles rejected by customs officials in Iraq because they were considered “anti-Islamic propaganda”. Nothing short of a miracle made it possible for every issue shipped to be placed in the hands of Ugandan security force personnel who requested Bibles in their native language.

Soldiers Bible Ministry is available to participate as an exhibitor in conferences and conventions anywhere in the US. If your organization would like to include an informational exhibit, please contact John Hoben or Jan Ross to make arrangements.

Soldiers Bible Ministry is a branch of Heart of God International Ministries, a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer network formed to meet the critical needs of US and Allied military forces worldwide. If you would like further information, please visit the website or contact us directly.

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2 Responses to “Soldiers Bible Ministry Update”
  1. John Hoben says:

    Footnote: As Jan points out, the Arabic Bibles drew the most attention given we are NOT force feeding the gospel nor proselytizing to natives in these lands. We only respond to requests for materials and have found a large number of Arabic translators and other ESL natives coming to Christ Jesus thereby making their voluntary requests known for Bibles in their native language.

    John Hoben
    Clarkson, NY USA

  2. John Hoben says:

    P.P.S. Another key aspect of our work in building the “Healing our Heroes” network is shifting PTSD to PTG. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTG stands for Post Traumatic Growth. What does that mean?

    The thought of trauma being a stress disorder is a misnomer and negative connotation that erroneously labels an individual as “damaged goods” (real or perceived). Turning the trauma into a positive growth experience is a key survival and “thrival” strategy being researched particularly at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Please check back to for ongoing updates.

    John Hoben
    Clarkson, NY USA