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This new year marks the launch of a local initiative focused on several communities in New York, Indianapolis, Washington State, Ohio, Florida, California and other candidate locations serving Veterans and their families.

We have a LOT planned in this area, including the fantastic news that Vistalogix of St. Petersburg, FL has agreed to be our Information Technology (IT) development and deployment partner, providing in-kind contributions of tens (hundreds) of thousands of dollars in the form of technology design, development, deployment and management personnel.

What we’re building is a tool by which military personnel and/or their families can sign up anonymously and connect with the right resources in their local communities to address whatever challenges they may be facing without having to surf the web for hours or even days searching for the right contact information based on their personal needs. Stay tuned for more information as this unique and cutting edge initiative is launched!

SBM has expanded its existing “supplier as customer” relationship with BiblicaDirect (formerly International Bible Society) of Colorado Springs to provide ACU Pocket Bibles to troops deployed largely in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mark Rader has coordinated Biblica’s role in this relationship with some fantastic connections being made, providing thousands of the camo cover full Bibles to requestors from the Midwest, Southeast, Japan and other bases supporting personnel deployed worldwide. Thank YOU Mark Rader and Biblica for your wonderful support!

SBM was invited to display a ministry table at the recent Thomas Road Baptist Church (Lynchburg, VA) ReNew Prayer Conference (click here for details). During the two-day Conference, a missionary based in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia asked for Bibles in the native Georgian language.

SBM has been working through various channels and have located a tentative supplier of these hard-to-find Bibles; however, we need your support. Would you please consider a one time or ongoing donation to fund this initiative? Your help with this and all our ministry’s offerings to our troops’ spiritual health and protection is important in many ways. Click here to take advantage of one of the many ways to partner financially with SBM. Thank you!

Each month we receive many requests and stories from Chaplains, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Air Force personnel on how SBM has touched them in unique ways. This month was no different. Lance shares in his own words:

“I just completed swearing in at MEPS. I will be an Airborne Paratrooper. Signed up for five years and have set a date for my wedding to the girl of my dreams. Thank you all for the Bible, I feel it will be an integral part of my future in the Army. My family is doing better now and I thank you and the community for your prayers.”

With nearly 20,000 US military personnel deployed to the region, Haiti has become a key area for spiritual healing. Colonel Dave Young, Co-Founder of SBM, is leading several teams on various fronts, from day to day operations to strategic real estate and sustainable agrarian/microfinancing livestock models for the 300 people at “Camp Victory” in Haiti.

Please keep this ministry in your prayers; check the occasional updates posted on the Heart of God Haiti website for important news.

Thank you each one of you who have donated to SBM in 2009! After identifying our needs, goals and priorities for 2010 and beyond, our total budget projection requirements exceed $2 million. The majority of this funding is for getting the “Healing our Heroes” (HOH) network initiative off and running for a February 2011 official launch date.

Here are some of the pressing capital expenditure areas for your prayerful consideration. We hope you’ll join with us in 2010 and beyond:

1. HOH Network initiation and pilot: $1.8 million ($150,000 per month)
2. Bibles and Bible Study/Supplemental Materials: $1.2 million ($100,000 per month)
3. Insurance (liability and other coverage): $6,000 ($500 per month)
4. Printing, paper and other supplies: $4,800 ($400 per month)
5. Travel costs: $4,800 ($400 per month)
6. Telecommunications costs: $3,600 ($300 per month)
7. Postage and shipping costs: $3,600 ($300 per month)

Please know we greatly appreciate anything you might be able support with a one-time or monthly ACH/credit card/eCheck transaction. Your donations are tax-deductible and will be applied as you specifically designate. Soldiers Bible Ministry is a member of the Heart of God International Ministries network, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit volunteer organization.

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