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Microloan Program Creates Options For Women Struggling to Provide For Their Families

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Microloan Program Creates Options For Women Struggling to Provide For Their Families

Microloan Program Creates Options For Women Struggling to Provide For Their Families

Rochester, NY

David G. Young, Volunteer Executive Director of Heart of God Haiti (HG-Haiti) announces the expansion of the ministry to include a unique and proven program called KOFAEL: [ko-fi-el] (Kodinasyon Fanm Endepandan Pou Avansman Lakay) translated “The Coordination of Independent Women for the Advancement of the Home”. KOFAEL is a microloan program offering options to Haitian women struggling to meet the needs of their families and keep them together.

The work in Haiti seems endless because of the widespread poverty. Young said, “Although I own a busy accounting firm in Rochester (Young and Company CPAs, LLP), one of the greatest blessings in my life comes from volunteering my time and skills by leading the ministry in Haiti with my wife, Julie. We are careful to put every donation to work on behalf of those we serve without deducting large percentages to cover administrative expenses; we want our donors to realize the greatest impact for their contributions and support.”

KOFAEL is a major part of the enormous responsibility carried by HG-Haiti missionaries Eric and Elisabeth Ream, with 42 women currently enrolled. It is unfortunate that some have stated that programs like this are only a “micro approach to a macro problem.” Mrs. Ream explains further: “When I hear of people who label KOFAEL this way, I long for them to spend time with the 42 women in the Port au Prince program, see them struggling to provide the very basic needs, watch them glance at the orphanage down the road with beds and food while, with aching hearts, tightly hold the hands of their own children and praying to find a solution other than an institution. When I imagine their beautiful children being cared for by strangers, my heart screams ‘NO!’ I cannot believe KOFAEL is a ‘micro approach’! Families should never view an orphanage as the only solution they have for their children’s survival when poverty is really the only factor. We see the devastating effects of this kind of poverty all too often in Haiti. KOFAEL offers a powerful solution.”

The KOFAEL program offers three microloans which are received and paid back progressively over a two-year period. Participants are able to keep all the profits from their business ventures and pay back only what was originally loaned to them at 0% interest. A small business loan is approximately $250USD, the total amount KOFAEL needs to front each member during the course of the three loans. Once the funds are paid back by the women, others waiting to enter the program can begin the process.

For the month of December, when someone donates $250 for a business microloan for KOFAEL women, a match of $250 will be given to care for children whose families could not care for them because no other options were available. Our hope is to further expand KOFAEL to see fewer kids unnecessarily grow up in institutions.

HG-Haiti is a division of Heart of God International Ministries (HGIM), a 501c3 not for profit network of ministries headquartered in Willard, OH, a southwestern suburb of Cleveland.

For more information and to partner with KOFAEL, please visit the website at


Media Contact: David Young

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