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Love Connection

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The Love Connection
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Dear Jeanice,Each year on Valentine’s Day folks honor those they love, oftentimes sharing a greeting card or candy or flowers. Couples stop what they’re doing to lavish each other with special acts of kindness, showing those who have earned a meaningful, and often passionate, place in their lives how much they mean to them.This year, we would like to stop to celebrate the genuine love lavished on us by our Father-love that is freely given, love that is shed abroad in the hearts of men, women and children across the globe because of the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please take a few moments to read what our Staff of Volunteers say about “The Love Connection” and how it is evidenced in their passionate service through Heart of God International.
Issue: # Month/Year

No Matter the Cost
Heart of God India

Jeanice McDade, Heart of God India Without exception, we have seen God do many mighty things… Our team is committed to winning the lost and making disciples.  This commitment comes at great sacrifice and, at times, persecution. It  is because of the love of God that these men and women dedicate their  lives to reaching others for Christ, no matter what the personal cost  might be to them…(read more)

Expressions of Love
Heart of God Haiti

David Young, Heart of God Haiti Having weathered so many storms over the past twelve months, I find it  difficult to adequately express my gratitude to God and so many others.   God gave us many friends who have offered assistance, lent a  hand when necessary, and who are equipped to fill in when we find  ourselves in need.  These are all expressions of His true love…(read more)

True Gospel of Love
Soldiers Bible Ministry

John Hoben, Soldiers Bible Ministry Soldiers Bible Ministry was formed with a heart  of and for God based on the founders’ core principals of love for God  and country, in that order. Our goal remains to  let all hear the true Gospel that God so loved the world that He sent  His only begotten Son, not to condemn the world but to save the world so  they may have eternal life in Him.  Period. While we continue to receive and respond to the many requests for Bibles from chaplains and  others deployed in physical war zones, our real challenge is now the  spiritual battle waged on the home front. This is when the healing love of God is most desperately needed…(read more)

Heartbeat of Ministry
Heart of God Africa

Denise Matthews, Heart of God Africa With so many doors open for His work this year in Africa, His abundant  love is clearly evident. Jesus Christ is the Love of God. Through His  love a daily lunch program has begun for our school of 400 students, land was donated for a church in a  village that had never heard the name Jesus… (read more)

Heart-Rending Love
Heart of God Israel

John Daugherty, Heart of God Israel “We must do more than just love Israel-or the IDEA of Israel-we must love Israelis!”  We were recently able to help a congregation in southern Israel with  materials to help disciple their young people. In Israel, it’s illegal  to witness to someone under 18 years old without parental consent, but  the children can, and DO witness to other children! These Israelis are the “apple of His eye”! Adonai the God of Israel loves you with a  passionate, heart-rending love…(read more)

Compassionate Love
Heart of God Evangelism

Scott Ingram, Heart of God Evangelism As I consider how many of us respond to the lost-ness we see in  the world, the non- condemning and often spontaneous demonstration God’s love we see in Christ’s life has wrecked me. Jesus saw  that the lost didn’t know they were lost “like sheep without a  shepherd.” I have seen love change lives right before my eyes. I have seen  wandering ones return to the life they once knew in Christ. I have  seen the lost found as they gave their lives to the Savior who loved  them all along. In the most literal ways, I have seen people loved into the Kingdom… (read more)

A Final Word

HGIM’s Volunteer Staff has much to say about The Love Connection.  Please click “read more” to hear the hearts of our leaders and support staff.  A few words from Lisa Mikitarian, a Haiti Outreach team member. Examples of “true love” by Verda Reeves and Theresa Copple.  An example of being called to missions by Jody Tackett from our Accounting Department.  Please hear their hearts as they share how the love of God has impacted their lives and ministry (click here).
HGIM’s work is made possible by folks like you who continue to pray and  support our efforts to take this precious and genuine Love to the  farthest corners of the earth which is why we’re sending you this  special Valentine’s Day greeting.

“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” (1 John 4:11-12 NIV)
With Genuine Love,


Jan Ross, President/Co-Founder Heart of God International Ministries

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Women of Passions
By Jan Ross and Jeanice McDade

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