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Lord, Use Me!

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Have you ever wondered what it was like to take a missionary trip?  Read on …

The road led the missionaries through the village to the prison entrance in South Sudan. The atmosphere was oppressive. Goats were combing the ground which offered little more than a tuft of HGA_Guard grass scattered along the path. Partially completed buildings with barred windows offered little shelter from the midday sun. Guards armed with powerful weapons watched every move made by the fearless group of fair-skinned strangers as they entered the compound.


No missionary group had ever entered these gates before this very moment. With special permission peculiarly granted by all necessary authorities, they walked past the check-in point, respectfully reaching out to shake the hands of those who greeted them. With sincere humility and honor, the prison officials and guards were given all the respect due their office, rank, and position.

Chairs and benches were quickly arranged under a clump of trees to accommodate the unique visitors.High ranking officials greeted the team with sincerity and welcomed them to introduce themselves.

The plan of salvation was carefully presented through an interpreter. Every eye was on the appointed spokesperson as he carefully explained that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

The Word of God presented. The plan of salvation explained. Heads bowed. Tears flowed. The atmosphere was filled with expectancy. The invitation given.

First, one response. Then another. Within seconds, every prisoner responded.

Angels in heaven were rejoicing.

This small but committed band of missionaries were filled with joy for answered prayer.

By the time they left, each prisoner had confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and surrendered their lives to Him. Murderers. Adulterers. Thieves. Sinners now washed in the precious blood of the Lamb. Forgiven. Cleansed. Free.

The prisoners tasted true freedom even while still in chains. Prison officials confessed sin and asked for prayer. God’s presence was unmistakable.

It is now months after this most memorable day. Pastor Joseph continues to disciple the new believers as God continues to confirm His Word. The eternal message of the precious gift of salvation through the sacrifice of the Spotless Lamb of God has now moved 40 prison guards to give their lives to Christ!

The Gift of God keeps on giving. The work of this small missionary group continues to bear fruit-to the glory of God alone!

* * *

South Sudan 2012
South Sudan 2012
Trip Recap

This is just one example of one day during mission outreach sponsored by Heart of God International Ministries. As you can see, HGIM is a Gospel-centric ministry with evangelism being our main goal in response to Christ’s mandate to all believers to “go into all the world and preach the gospel…


God continues to open amazing and unique doors to us in Africa, Haiti, India, Israel and beyond (see below for more mission opportunities). Our next major outreach targets what many would consider a “Gospel-hostile” region in the Middle East. This particular region is ranked very high (and is climbing) among nations that are the worst persecutors of Christians. A door is open though we don’t know for how long-we MUST go while we can.

A.B. Simpson said, “The Christian is not obedient unless he is doing all in his power to send the Gospel to the heathen world.

Will you join us in doing all in your power to send the Gospel to the heathen world? Please consider investing in the eternal lives of men and women who, perhaps for the first time-perhaps the only time-will clearly hear the Gospel message and learn of God’s love and great salvation through His precious Son, Jesus Christ. Whether or not you are able to financially support this mission to the Middle East, can we count on your prayer support? Please let me know by responding to this newsletter.

Because they haven’t heard,
Jan Ross

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Jan Ross, President
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