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Lord, I Am Tired and So Weary!

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O Lord, the tent that You created as my dwelling place has served me well for many decades.  Please don’t think of me as complaining, for I am most thankful that You provided it for me.  But, in recent years, my tent has begun to show many signs of aging that are disturbing to me.  You already know of my concerns, Lord, but allow me to take a moment or two to share them again with You, for they are weighing heavily on my mind.

The outer fabric of my tent has become wrinkled and very thin.  It is not as durable as it once was, either.  It will sometimes become torn, discolored, and will leak from the slightest abrasion.  Strange appearing spots and blemishes seem to grow in numbers almost overnight, and have become a source of concern to me.   Although the tent’s fabric has been mended many times, I now fear that it might have deteriorated beyond repair.

The framework supporting my tent’s fabric is crumbling with the passage of time, too.  My bones are fragile and weak…requiring extreme caution to prevent them from shattering.  The flesh surrounding my bones will ache after minimal activity, and it is often painful to the touch.  My back is also a source of frequent pain from pinched nerves, old vertebra fractures, and arthritis.  The muscles connecting the bones and flesh of my frame have become weak in spite of my efforts to keep them flexible and strong.

My legs are the part of my tent that must carry the full load, and must move it from place to place.  However, they have also become weak and are frequently unstable.  In spite of my best effort to control them, sometimes they refuse to respond in the way I intended…and will often go in a different direction whenever and wherever they please.  The reality of falling is only a misstep away.

Also, the feet are often numb and a source of nagging pain.  There are times when they seem to be swollen…causing my footsteps to be unsure.  With those things as a seemingly never-ending condition, walking must be done slowly and carefully to avoid a fall.  I know that my days of carefree hiking and running are now in the distant past.

My mind is always playing tricks on me…sometimes refusing to recall even the simplest things.  The eyes have grown dim, and my ears no longer hear as clearly as they once did.  My heart has twice felt the sting from a surgeon’s scalpel.  Although it continues its weak rhythmic motion, often times it will skip a beat or two during my anxious moments.  Restful sleep is a rarity, too.

O Lord, I am so tired and so weary.

My tent is worn and weathered, but I know that many of those things will surely happen with advancing age.  In spite of that, my prayerful plea is that You would allow me to continue serving in the ways You have planned for my life.

Even though my tent fabric has become frayed and torn at the seams, allow Your Light to remain fresh and new that it would shine brilliantly as a witness to others.  Although my bodily strength is eroding, help me to hold fast to the strength of my faith that it would always be strong.  My muscles have become weak, but instill within me the stamina needed to lift others up with encouragement and hope.

My legs and feet are failing me, but hold my hand tightly as You lead me along the way, that I might follow in Your footsteps.  I pray that my mind would always remember Your promises, and that my eyes would stay fixed on You.  Allow my ears to be tuned to hear Your voice as You speak to me.  Give me a passionate heart for sharing Your Truth with others as You send them my way.

One day soon, Lord, I know You will call my name when You return to gather Your own for that great meeting in the air.  Oh my!  I can hardly wait for that moment!

As You have promised, my corruptible tent will then suddenly be changed into one that is incorruptible…one that will endure no more pain and suffering…one that will have no more disease or heartache…and one that will be fit for all of eternity.  What a great day that will be!

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!


© Donald N. Mehl

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One Response to “Lord, I Am Tired and So Weary!”
  1. Mid Stutsman says:

    Stay strong my friend!! May the Lord be your strength and lift you above all that comes with age!! You are a blessing, Don!

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