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Listen to the Weeping Child

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Listen to the Weeping Child
By Mariane Holbrook

Listen to the weeping of the innocent and hurting
Hiding in their shame for something someone else has done.
Wondering who to turn to who will understand their terror,
Fearing it’s not over but has likely just begun.

Somewhere in a darkened room a little girl is shaking,
Left alone by someone she had trusted all her life.
Should she tell her mother that this awful thing had happened?
Would her mom believe her or would telling cause more strife?

Somewhere in a custom van a little boy is crying,
Taken from his parents in the middle of the night.
Bruised and torn, his body hurts from countless violations
By a male intruder who said things would be all right.

Numbered in the millions now, our children are molested,
Most of their offenders walk the streets not feeling shame.
Little girls are scarred for life, their precious spirits broken,
Little boys are fearful and will never be the same.

Jesus loved the little ones and always drew them closer,
He said a child would lead the way because they are so pure.
If someone should offend a child, a millstone would feel better
Than all the awful things that each offender will endure.

Let us all be mindful then of all our little children
Living in our neighborhoods and learning in our schools.
Each one needs protection from the evil men that harm them.
God has placed them in our care, these dear and precious jewels.

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