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Joining the CIA

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by Donna Rogers

I was in a church skit recently and had the privilege to play a CIA representative. I even had CIA on my cap, and I wore a CIA shirt. I had to deliver a message to the congregation that involved leading like Christ.

Oh, CIA stands for Christians in Action.

Christians in Action is not a formal organization that I know of.  It’s more of a concept.  I first heard it on a CD by gospel performer Sterling Anthony, in his song “Missionary.”  The CD is called “4 Wall Theory.”

The theory is Christians tend to do their most work within the four walls of the church, serving in the “pew ministry.”  But Sterling Anthony challenges Christians to work outside the walls, even if it’s just down the street.  His song “Missionary” gives a testimony to his missionary work.

Much of Sterling Anthony’s music has been influenced by Jamaica.  He has traveled to Jamaica and other countries doing missionary work, but he’s not restricted to work outside the United States.  In the song “Missionary,” he talks to a woman who hears him saying “Jamaica” in a Jamaican accent while he is in a Wal-Mart.  He talks to her about Jesus and tells her he is a missionary.  She says he doesn’t look like one.

He tells her:

“That’s my disguise. I’m in the CIA.

That’s Christians in Action, and I’m on my job, like, every day.”

When I first heard that, I thought, hey, what’s that organization about?  Then, when I realized that it was a concept, I thought, hey, what a concept!  The name had a reality-sounding authority.

The leader of my church skit thought so, too.  She assigned me to be the CIA representative who had come to deliver a message, in the form of a poem by Edgar Guest, called “Sermons We See.”  The concept there is preachers lead more by the lives they live than the sermons they preach.  The idea is to lead like Christ.

I felt honored I was chosen to be a CIA representative.  But that led me to ponder about whether I am really a Christian in Action, or, for that matter, a leader like Christ.  I don’t want to be known as a leader in the “pew ministry.”

In his song “Missionary,” Sterling Anthony asks a question we all need to think about: “What’s it gonna take to get you out of these four walls and do something for the cause?”

CIA representative Donna here, ready for action!

(Author’sNote: Atlanta, Georgia’s Sterling Anthony producing three CDs, which are available on iTunes and CD Baby. His song “Missionary” is available via and His biography can be found at


Donna RogersDonna Rogers is a veteran media expert and poet who has a heart for worshiping God and helping others overcome obstacles in life through poetry and inspirational writing.  She’s authored two books of poetry and numerous inspirational writings detailing how God works in the lives of people who trust and seek Him.  Donna is married to Ron Rogers, a political cartoonist and illustrator who created covers for Donna’s books and greeting cards. More books are in Donna’s publishing future. 

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