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To Really Live

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One of the highlights of my year has been reading through the Bible from cover to cover, in chronological order. I’ve enjoyed it every time I’ve done this, but this year has been one blessing after another for me.

In Jeremiah 38:14-28, Jerusalem was under siege, again, and things weren’t looking good. King Zedekiah called for Jeremiah and asked him what he should do. Jeremiah gave him very clear instructions. He said to surrender and not only would Zedekiah’s life be spared, but so would his family’s, and Jerusalem wouldn’t be burned. He only had to obey.

When the time came, instead of surrendering as God had told him to, King Zedekiah and his ruling officials ducked out a hole in the wall during the night and ran. There were great consequences, just as Jeremiah told him there would be. He was hunted down then forced to watch his family’s execution. That was the last thing he saw because they gouged out his eyes and hauled him off into captivity. (2 Kings 25:1-7) Jerusalem, his city, was burned, too. Instead of things going well for him even though he was in captivity, as they could have, they went horribly wrong.

All Zedekiah had to do was listen, trust, and obey. He had asked for God’s direction and received it, but he ignored it. He didn’t act on what he knew to do.  How many times have I done the same thing? I’ve known what to do but chose to do things my way. The consequences might not be as immediate nor as severe as Zedekiah’s were, but there are still consequences. At times there may even be lives at stake or spiritual lives, whether I know it or not.

Can you imagine what Zedekiah’s life was like in captivity? Put yourself in his shoes. He knew what he should have done and he knew that if he had obeyed, his family would not have been killed and his city burned. Instead, I’m sure those images were freeze-framed in his blackness.

There are times in life when we’ll be able to really live only after we have surrendered, even though it seems to go against logic. Just like it was only by surrendering themselves that the people in Jerusalem were spared and allowed to live, it’s only by surrendering to God Almighty that we truly live. Surrendering allows God to work in and through us.

I don’t know about you, but there are things I need to surrender so that I can really live.

Link to Jer. 38:14-28

Link to  2 Kings 25:1-7

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