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Isaiah’s Testimony

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Isaiah is different.

At 11 years old, he has the development of a 5-month-old baby.  He doesn’t speak, walk, crawl, or even sit up.  He’s fed through a tube in his stomach.  However, he breathes on his own, he loves to be held, enjoys being loved on and tickled, and he will smile and giggle to show it!

Isaiah is my grandson, and he was very recently in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of Valley Children’s Hospital with pneumonia.  Because his lungs and overall health is fragile, we weren’t sure he would pull through this time.  People have often wondered aloud — including our own family in our most difficult moments — about Isaiah’s quality of life.

In fact, just two days after he was admitted to the hospital, his lungs collapsed and he was put on a ventilator.  Awhile later, I found myself alone for a few minutes with my son Shannon, Isaiah’s daddy, and I asked him how he was holding up.  His head down, he said, “Mom, Vickie and I were talking this morning and sometimes we just wonder … are we doing the right thing?  Are we just being…”  He broke down in tears and I knew exactly what he meant.  Are we being selfish in our attempts to help Isaiah?

Well, let me tell you, that question was answered for me, once and for all, a couple days ago when Shannon called to share the following story.

His friend’s prayer life had been slowly diminishing.  The truth was he hadn’t prayed in awhile and was feeling distant spiritually.  When he saw my son’s prayer request for Isaiah, he knew he needed to pray for our boy.  He got to his knees and cried out to Jesus for Isaiah’s healing — and the most amazing thing happened.  The Holy Spirit pierced his heart, and his prayer life was restored. 

Blessed, he called Shannon to share with him how Isaiah’s life had impacted his own.

God is good, folks!

He created Isaiah, just as he is!  His plans for Isaiah are being realized every day and we trust Him all the way.  So many prayed for Isaiah and after a little over two weeks in the hospital, the day before Easter, he went home to his parents, brothers, and sisters.

My prayer today is that Isaiah’s testimony, while he cannot even speak it himself, continues to touch lives and impact the kingdom of God.


Valeri Barnes, a former newspaper owner, publisher and editor, lives in Valeri BarnesCalifornia where she continues to work in the media, edits books in her spare time, and is active in her church and community. The mother of three grown and married children, she is the grandmother of eight, with one on the way.

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