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Is Heaven A Place of Eternal Boredom?

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Staircase to heavenIf you ask a few people, what they think about heaven some might say it’s, “a place of eternal blessedness,” and they would be correct. Others would offer various answers depending on their worldview. However among the most interesting and confusing reply would be that some think heaven is a place of eternal boredom. Yes, sadly some people think heaven will be a place where everything is just too perfect to be any fun. Some may even imagine it’s an endless church meeting, and are left completely underwhelmed. One popular image in the public conscience of heaven’s activities is angel-like humans sitting on clouds playing golden harps. While there is mention of harps being played in heaven, it is certainly only one of many activities (Rev. 14:2). Though descriptions of heaven are plentiful in the book of Revelation, we don’t know everything that we’ll be doing there. Instead of citing chapter and verse of all the wonderful things that God has revealed to us about heaven in His Word, let’s focus on who God is and what He has made.

The scope of God’s creation is vast and full of diversity. There is a multitude of different life forms; from humans made in God’s image to the albatross gliding in the air to the plentiful zooplankton in the sea. From continent to continent, we are privileged to enjoy awe-inspiring landscapes, fauna and flora. When we view the world in it’s fullness and lavishness, how could anyone ever think that heaven would be dull? The same magnificent God who called creation into being is the same One who will roll up the sky like a scroll and create a new heaven and earth. God has not changed; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8).

God endowed us with five senses from which we can experience the world in a variety of wonderful ways. Our eyes can behold a vast array of vibrant colors in nature. We can delight in the scent of salty seawater or a warm homemade breakfast. We can caress the soft skin of a newborn or the finest spun silk. We can appreciate a melodious song that moves us to lift our hands in worship or soothes our anxious souls. In the heat of the summer, we can cool ourselves off with a tasty frozen treat. Since God has blessed us immensely through our five senses, and we will have new bodies with the same or similar senses, is it unreasonable to say that heaven will be an exciting habitation filled with awe and discovery?

The question we must ask ourselves is, “Would God create so much wonder, beauty, and diversity just to have His children relegated to playing harps on clouds? Not at all, the new heaven and earth will be vastly different from the world we currently inhabit. There will be no sea, sun or moon (Rev. 21:23). Death, suffering, and pain will no longer exist (Rev. 21:4). Believers will receive a new body that will be imperishable, powerful, and spiritual. (1 Cor. 15:42-44). If our bodies will be more powerful, it is quite likely that we will have new responsibilities and experiences.

More important than what we do in heaven, is the One who secured our place there. God will dwell among His people. His ineffable beauty, mystery, and splendor will no longer be veiled. Heaven is the ultimate revelation of God and communion with Him. His majesty will captivate us beyond our wildest expectations. Worshiping God will not be a chore, but a tremendous privilege.  If someone fears that heaven will be boring, perhaps they don’t really know the One who said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” (Rev. 22:13). God encompasses all that was, is, and will be. He will meet every need and fill every desire that He has set upon our hearts.



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One Response to “Is Heaven A Place of Eternal Boredom?”
  1. “Our eyes have never seen, nor could ears have heard, NOR COULD ANYONE EVEN HAVE IMAGINED THE HAPPINESS, which God prepared for those who love Him….” (paraphrased, if you please).

    This is the Word of God. Look it up.

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