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Irene and Jesus

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So I heard there was a hurricane coming ~ well not here anymore, but up north. Anyways, it is somewhat fascinating to me when we think a hurricane might come our way. Here are some observations that intrigue me about our preparation for each hurricane that seems to have a target on S. Fla…

-The local news is temporarily cancelled and replaced with super intense weather reports oftentimes with creepy musical intros

-Weather reporters immediately become the most influential people in our world, instantly achieving rock star status as they report from the beach wearing baseball hats that often blow away during their live report

-The proof of the last observation is that I actually know who Jim Cantore is from the Weather Channel

-I also now know what a feeder band is, and what it means to be “in the cone”

-My wife instantly goes through a transformation process as well, changing from super mom to super amateur meteorologist possessing all facts pertinent to the upcoming storm

-I cannot purchase a case of water or generator or flashlight anywhere

-Several of you work several hours putting up several shutters and then…try not to be somewhat depressed when you don’t actually get to use them

-All talk goes from money, sports, recreation, family, or whatever…to the next random name that is selected for the approaching hurricane

My favorite part of an approaching hurricane, (if I can really say that) is the way we as South Floridians come together for the greater good. It takes a hurricane to unite us! You see crazy things like neighbors helping neighbors with shutters, people opening their homes for those who need a place to stay, food and water being shared, generators making for gathering spots. People really seem to care about others during this time, asking questions like are you prepared and do you need any help. This is all pretty cool to watch in a place that is not known for much southern hospitality. But then it got me thinking…

Irene is not the only one coming. There is someone coming that will bring with him a power the world will never forget. A power way more overwhelming than any Cat 5 could ever bring, changing things here forever. And just like in Sunday School when you did not know the answer, if you do not know who I am referring to yet…the safest answer is always Jesus. That is right, the Scriptures are totally clear that Jesus came once as an infant, and will return shortly as a King. Ready to change everything. So here is my question… why does his approaching return not unite the Church like the approaching of Irene unites South Florida? I do not mean the local church, I mean the capital C Church throughout the world. Why are we not better able to put aside differences and come together in an attempt to prepare for his return. Why does the fact that millions of people throughout the world still remain unprepared for this return not motivate us more? Listen, I am all for doctrine and theology. I actually love these things and believe they are incredibly important for understanding truth. I just love the gospel more. Boundaries are healthy and biblical but…when we can, and where we can, and how we can…we MUST come together as a unified people of the kingdom of God for those who are yet to know the King. I also love the Church, If South Florida can do it for Irene, we can do it for Jesus.

This hurricane season, may the temporary unity around you challenge you to be more intentional about coming together with other believers, to share the love of Jesus with a world that has bigger issues than Irene.

Much love,

Casey Cleveland is the lead Pastor at The Avenue Church in Delray Beach, FL. He can be contacted at: The Church website is: The Avenue Church is a missional community in Delray Beach; building redemptive relationships that are being transformed by the gospel of Christ into the household of God.

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