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Urgent Plea for Help – India

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“Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered.” (Proverbs 21:13)

The other day I was with my son at a local gas station. After we filled the tank with gas, we walked inside the store and headed toward the cooler to get a bottle of soda.  As I opened the door to take a bottle I noticed the price tag displayed under the row.  At that moment I turned to my son and explained the cost of ONE bottle of soda at $1.59 each day for a month equaled more support than needed for not ONE, but TWO of our pastors and their families.  We were astounded when we realized that such a small sacrifice (a bottle of soda a day) could feed TWO families of four in India.  Incredible!

It only takes $22 a month to feed a family of four, allowing a pastor to pursue ministry activities in a land where full conversion to Christianity is still between 2 and 4%.  To give up a bottle of soda a day is such a small sacrifice. And, the money saved, if donated, will enable seeds to be planted with ETERNAL results.  We both decided to put our selections back into the cooler with stronger resolve to give sacrificially. If each of my three children (still at home) and I each gave up ONE bottle of soda a day, we could directly impact 32 Indians and indirectly impact hundreds if not thousands.

It has been a bitterly cold winter in the Midwest.  You can imagine how grateful we for the warmth and shelter of the gas station after having stood outside pumping gas for just a few short minutes.  As we exited the gas station into the cold once again, India was still on my mind.  My heart was gripped like that bottle of soda in my hand moments before. I quickly prayed for the lepers who suffer so much with their condition and, especially, in India’s heat.  We currently have two leper colonies with a total of $10 currently being donated to help them.

Friends, these are the poorest and probably some of the unhealthiest people in the world and they don’t ask for much, just a measure of rice and (on occasion) some assistance with their wounds. Although we are very grateful for our one donor committed to help the lepers, your monthly contribution of any size would be a wonderful blessing to these people.

The need continues as we have a dear church member who has received serious burns over much of her lower body.  Unfortunately, she is unable to afford medical care; she is in a great deal of pain and her wounds are bleeding.  My heart broke when I learned the Hindu people in her village tell her that her injury is because she became a Christian and the Hindu gods are punishing her.  Urgent prayer is needed for this woman and her family.  Please forgive the graphic picture at the right but I thought you might better understand her suffering if I could provide you with a picture.

It isn’t often that I make a plea for help, my friends, but our needs are immediate and they are serious.  There is a serious food shortage in our area of India (Rajahmundry) right now.  The cyclones and the flooding came at a time when the crops were flowering, so most crops have been lost.  The government is importing food from other states in India and also from Pakistan, but the cost for food is astronomical.  Our people are suffering. I would not ask for help if I weren’t doing all that I can do personally.

My family and I sacrifice between 30-60% of my income for India (I am a single mom). I am not paid for any ministry efforts; everything undertaken is voluntary. India has many needs that can only be met with additional help and so I am respectfully putting this before you, asking that you pray for provision, for the hearts in India, and for our team in India.

Below is a short list of immediate need, should God speak to you and lead you to pray or offer financial help. Please prayerfully consider these needs:

  • Orphanage Support: $32 monthly (we currently have 13 children needing sponsorship)
  • Leper Support: $10 monthly (rice, fruit and clothing are needed)
  • Pastor Support: $22 monthly (we currently have 34 Pastors unsupported)
  • Outreaches (transportation costs to go into the forest, tracts, Telugu Bibles are only $4 a piece, etc.)
  • School of the Bible (we would love to invite more Pastors in for instruction)
  • Miscellaneous needs such as the burn victim mentioned above.

Thank you for caring and understanding that He came to save the whole world.

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Jeanice McDade, Managing Editor of JournEzine

Jeanice McDade, Executive Director

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”(Proverbs 19:7)

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