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Reign in My Soul

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As clouds impose and hide the sun,
The sky releases droplets fine.
I reach for my Umbrella true.
He shelters tender soul of mine.

Secure in His protective watch,
So near-at-hand, He lives inside.
Allow no doubts, I trust in Him;
Assured, I faithfully abide.

The drops increase in number, size.
Gets darker, wind begins to blow.
Take refuge in my Comforter –
Secure, reliable, I know.

Stand now amidst the raging storm,
Cyclonic wind, torrential rain.
In depth of soul experience
Intense, excruciating pain.

In darkness my abandoned soul
Feels overcome by floods of doubt.
The fear of drowning stifles me;
Hope hidden as I look about.

The pounding droplets deafening,
My thoughts unheard, yet hear a voice,
“I’ll hold you up and heal your soul.”
I trust in Him, I make the choice.

I listen closely, hear Him say,
“I’m near to you, just feel my breath.
I know you feel alone, but I
Assure you that I never left.”

His hand on mine, the storm subsides,
Sun shows itself and peace is mine.
Disturbed I ever doubted Him.
Cling tightly now to the Divine.

Tenacious now as I have learned
Regardless of how deep the pain
That He is my Umbrella true.
Allow Him in my soul to reign.


Laurie Glass holds a Christian Counseling degree and is the author of Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders. As a former anorexic, she offers online mentoring services to women in eating disorder recovery. She is passionate about sharing the hope of recovery through her writing and her website:

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One Response to “Reign in My Soul”
  1. Rita Garcia says:

    I am so thankful He is ever mindful of our needs! In the midst of life’s storms He embraces us with peace beyond our understanding. Thank you for blessing my morning with a beautiful portrait of HIs grace!