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A Tear Fell On My Heart

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Each day, as we walk through life, is a new beginning for us or someone we meet along the way. We walk along the main street of our town or perhaps a street in some village we have never been in before and all around us God is working on someone’s heart. He is bidding them to open their heart-door and invite Him in.

It may be you or I who He chooses to help that person see the light of His love and help them to understand the joy that is waiting for them.

As Gary and I walked around the grounds and through the beautiful cathedral that long ago morning, I had no idea that He was preparing to send someone toward me. We walked through various rooms, looking at the statuary of Christ in various situations, and then on into the main room of the cathedral where the huge pipe organ was being played by a gentleman who was preparing for a concert. The sounds were extraordinary. Like something we would only be allowed to hear when we walk through the gates of Heaven. It was an unbelievably beautiful melody—we stood in awe for a few minutes, and then it was time for us to start on down the road on our trip.

We began walking toward the entrance, or exit, depending on which way you were heading. We had just walked through the gate when a young woman walked up to me, asking if I had a few coins I could spare. I looked into her eyes and saw a hurting soul that seemed to be trapped, one that seemed embarrassed to be asking for help.

I told her I had no money to give her, but that I would be happy to pray for her if she would like. She said, “Oh, I would love for you to pray for me.” I asked her why she was standing here in the middle of the day asking for money and she replied by reaching in her pocket and pulling out two pictures, one of a little boy and the other a little girl. As she turned the pictures toward me she said, “I need help to feed my children. I lost my job a while back and we are living under a bridge over there. The school said if I don’t keep the kids in school they will be taken away from me so I am waiting for them to get out of school. I keep looking for another job but I’m having no luck.”

I reached out to her and she moved into the warmth of my arms and let me hold her close while I prayed, asking God to please protect her and her children from harm and to help her find a home and job. As I continued to pray, I felt my t-shirt begin to be wet with her tears. As I stepped away she said, “Thank you so much, it has been so long since anyone has cared enough to hold and comfort me. I feel like God sent you here to guide me in the right direction.”

Before I walked on I made some suggestions of contacts she might make that would give her temporary shelter and perhaps be able to help her get a new start. I have always wondered what became of her after that day, but of course have no way to contact her.

However, God knows where she is and how she is doing and that is the important thing. I pray that day was the first day of a new life for her and her children. I will never forget the feel of her tears falling on my heart that day.

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