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India Ministry Update

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India Ministry Update by Pastor P


Millions of people in our country are unsaved. They are going towards eternal hell fire with blind superstitions ,running after lifeless stones, idols, trees and animals. Our country is led by the Hindu religious people who oppose Christianity and the true way of heaven. Gospel is mostly needed to save these millions of perishing souls. Our sole aim is to win many souls. We carry the following ministries.
According to the word “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation” (Mk 16:15), we go to many remote and tribal areas where the gospel is unpreached and to the innocent with blind superstitions under terrible witchcraft. Human sacrifices are still held in some tribal villages. We go on foot for miles crossing hills and streams facing animal, naxal attack to reach some tribe. Sometimes we spend days without food. Several times we were delivered by the grace of God out of attacks while reaching those areas. We praise and thank God and feel it’s our privilege to carry gospel to such dangerous places.
In addition to gospel ministry God has put on us the burden to look after 34 suffering lepers and some orphan children who lost parents by AIDS. The lepers are unable to do any work, suffering a lot with wounds all over the body and deformed hands, feet and nostrils. They beg in the streets but nobody shows mercy on them. They spend days in starvation. They are living dead in the society. They end their lives committing suicide due to these unbearable life conditions. According the word James 1:27 we now and then give them some food grains collecting from our local church believers but unable to continue because of the poverty. We pray God to open ways to uphold this humble ministry to spread gospel and win many souls.
Some orphan children who lost parents by AIDS and cancer come to church. They are suffering a lot without education, health, food and clothes. Since our area is a slum, AIDS is greatly spread and turned many families hopeless and the children as orphans, street beggars.In one family of our church the father used to sell guava fruits in the trains. One day he went in the train as usual. He told his wife that he would come earlier that day but unfortunately while he was getting down from train he slipped and fell under the train. His body was cut into two pieces; his unhealthy wife became a widow and children as street beggars. There are many children became orphans in this area by various reasons. Please pray for these suffering children. “Religion that our father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress” (James 1:27).
We have 50 young people in our church. Once in a month we take them to some remote villages carrying tracts, musical instruments, sound system, lighting in a rented vehicle. Throughout the day we distribute tracts to every door and in the evening conduct a gospel meeting in the center of that village. And in the midnight we returned back to home. Because of this effective ministry many young people come to Jesus and accept him as their Savior.
Thanking you so much.
Most sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,
      Pastor P

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