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Mission Accomplished

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Repent, then, and turn to God,
so that your sins may be wiped out,
that times of refreshing may come from
the Lord (Acts 3:19 NIV)

Temperatures were nearing 130˚F; there was no shade to shelter from the sun. The wind was blowing gently, but it only stirred up more dust that clogged the nostrils of those who were committed to continue on the journey. They couldn’t turn back…they had a mission to accomplish—the Lord spoke; their hearts were set to obey.

Pastor, his wife and two small children boarded a train and travelled to their destination—a village where men and women were desperate for truth. Pastor’s wife is gifted with a beautiful voice that draws people of all faiths; the Lord has used her on many occasions to break down religious walls and cause hearts to be open to hear the Word of God. This night would prove to be no different.

Pastor shares his heart after the meetings:

God led me, filling with His Holy Spirit while preaching. There were many senior pastors invited to preach. I was the younger. The total gathering was nearly 500 people. But the songs by my wife and the Word shared by me strengthened many souls.

The meetings were conducted for salvation of souls. I tried to preach on gospel of salvation but could not. I struggled to convert my sermon to gospel of salvation but the Holy Spirit did not allow me to preach with my intention, but the sermons challenged the people to be strengthened in faith through repentance. I was surprised when I came to know why the Spirit of the Lord led me like that.

The reason is there were nearly seventy people belong to one family who conducted that prayer meeting .They were really encouraged by the sermons. After the last meeting was over, I had the privilege to personally talk to the family members; they poured out their hearts and told the story.

The real story is this: The family who conducted meetings is a big family; they have their own church, they appointed a pastor to lead the church for a long time. Some of the family members are settled in USA and they were sending much money to this big family. Every year this family used to conduct prayer meetings like this and every year my wife had been invited to sing. But for the last ten years they stopped holding prayer meetings. This family is Christian but most of the family members were enjoying the worldly life. They were totally immersed in the worldly luxuries.

While they were in that position, mysteriously six members of that family died in one year. Then the remaining people grew fearful and decided to hold meetings. While they were thinking whom to invite for the meetings my wife appeared them in a Christian TV channel after ten years (for the last ten years they did not have contact with her) then all of them came to one decision to invite my wife and when they came to know her husband was a pastor they invited me as one of the pastors to preach.

They said they were really touched and strengthened in Spirit by the sermons which the Holy Spirit led me to preach and made them to seek total repentance. The last night, I was given time to preach at 12 midnight but nearly eighty people stayed to hear the sermon. Before starting my sermon I asked them whether I should preach or not since the time was midnight and already three preachings were done. Then they replied that they were waiting to listen the word what the Holy Spirit would speak through me.

Because of their interest I started preaching and continued until 12:45am. No one left, but they listened to the Word with much interest; no one slept till I closed my sermon. Holy Spirit of Lord rebuked them in many ways with Word while I was speaking. I was afraid that I rebuked them and they would not accept my sermon. But after the meeting was over many people came for prayer and said they were really touched and next year also I must go to that place to preach.

When I heard this statement I felt really happy and praised God. I could understand that the Holy Spirit knows what preaching is required to that people and directed me.

So often we do not understand why God leads us in specific directions. But, if we will simply obey, we will soon look back and see the hand of God at work through our simple obedience.

Pastor, his wife and children, obeyed the call of God to go to this village under such horrible conditions with the heat. And, even though Pastor struggled to know what to preach, the Holy Spirit led him, filled his mouth with the words that pierce the hearts of those who had grown cold and distant, and called them to repentance. What would have happened had Pastor determined it was too hot to travel with his family? What would have happened if he had insisted on preaching the message he had prepared in advance?

When we dare to obey, God’s mission is accomplished and He is glorified!

We praise God for Pastor in India, for his precious wife and their two children. We thank God for the privilege of partnering with them for the growth of the Kingdom of God in India. To learn more about our work in India, click here.

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