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Tap * Tap * Tap An Update from Heart of God India

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“Hold my hand, Sister?” said the 11 year old boy as he boldly took my hand and helped me out of the car. In seconds we were surrounded by sweet little Indian children, many who wanted to hold our hands or walk next to us. It became hard to walk as I counted 12 hands on one arm and 6 on the other. My freer arm was continually being poked and pinched as the children giggled at the difference in our skin color and body type. We may have looked quite different but the warm smiles were the same. Soon the elders came and led us to the stage and the children scattered to sit before us.

In India, when in a meeting situation, the children sit in the front of the crowd. I love this because it gives them ample opportunity to be able to listen with fewer distractions. The children are very well behaved and help to “police” one another’s behavior during the meeting. There is a lot of eye contact, head nodding, and one can just imagine the seeds being planted in these young ones.

On one occasion, we had gone deep into the night. The older children were awake and paying attention, with the younger children laying across their laps or cuddled up one with another. One young girl was carefully pulling head lice off of the head of her younger sister. She worked on this little one, nodding her head in understanding as we continued to speak.

At one point one of our speakers asked who wanted to praise God. This little girl carefully laid the head of her sister on the plastic sheeting and rose to her feet to raise her hands and her voice in praise to God. She then bent down and picked up her sister and brought her forward. “Pray” she exclaimed. “Pray,” she said more urgently. I placed my hand on her head, as is customary, and began to pray. With that she placed my hand on the head of her sister and once again instructed me to “pray.” I could feel that this child was very hot. An elder came over to tell me that the child suffered from a mysterious illness for 11 days and the doctor could find nothing to help her. The young girl again urged “pray, pray.”

I prayed for this little girl just the same as I would have prayed, had she been my own flesh and blood. As I looked up the older sister was crying and rubbing the cheek of her little sister. I cried with her and put my hand on her head to pray for her also. She again took my hand from her head and placed it on top of her sister’s head. She allowed me to place my other hand on her head and we cried and prayed together as the younger sister continued to sleep. “Thank you, thank you” were her parting words as she was helped to the side so that prayer could continue with those waiting in line.

As we were preparing for the Youth rally, word came that the younger girl was up and eating and her fever totally gone. I was so thankful and prayed again for these two special little girls.

Colorful twirling girls and handsome young men donned the stage. They had come from a nearby village to give testimony, to worship, and proclaim the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Team after team of youth came to the stage to give witness of the one, true, living God. They were edified and they blessed others also. The speakers blared the messages far into the village and long into the evening. The Youth Rally was far better attended than we had hoped and we so blessed and encouraged to be able to meet so many Indians who had such dedication and passion for Christ. “This is truly what it is all about” kept escaping my lips as I saw youth after youth go forward to dedicate their lives to God. Some ran to the front praising, many wept with their hands on their face as the Spirit brought them into repentance. “Thank You, Lord, for Your saving power and thank You for allowing me to be part of this, such an incredible thing to be able to witness a salvation.”

The next morning we had to leave to go back to the US. Our Team made a stop on the way to the airport. Not knowing what to expect (we learned that early on) we just made our way behind the Team Leaders and went with an open heart. We walked the dusty road for several minutes and stopped in front of a tiny hut. One of the Pastors smiled and told me to listen. I heard some singing and some giggling and then the Pastor made our presence know to those within the hut. Upon hearing the Pastors voice, we heard a little squeal emerge from the hut. Seconds later the girl from the crusade stood before and standing next to her was her younger sister.

The elder sister said something to the younger and then they both bent down and touched my feet and then brought their hands to their mouth and kissed them. I was feeling disappointed that I was being honored when God worked the miracle and then the older girl began to twirl and dance with her hands raised, exclaiming (in her best English) “Jesus has done this” “God our healer” “Thank You, Jesus”. Instantly there were two beautiful little Indian girls giving praise to God and a group of humbled American’s crying and praising right along with them. We could have praised God all day long with the Indians but we were on our way to the airport and needed to leave. We hugged those girls and their mother and waved at the villagers who had come to see what the noise was about.
“Tap, tap, tap”, “tap, tap, tap” … everywhere I looked, I saw children. Even as I sat in the car their bright eyes and wide smiles continued to grab my heart. I smiled back and waved as I wiped an occasional tear from my cheek. Praying for the people of India is such a privilege. Although the travel is difficult, going to minister and walk among the people of India is an immense blessing. “Tap, tap, tap” on the walls of our hearts, just as surely as on the windows of the car.

* * *

There is much need in India and great opportunity for you to participate in this rich ministry. We are developing and adding to our team of intercessors and currently looking for someone to lead this group. Please contact me for more information.

We presently have an orphanage with 8 children still unsponsored; click here to set up your sponsorship relationship with a child in need.

We also need to add an Aide to the Orphanage and are seeking a sponsor (or two) for that expense of $88 a month.

We need to expand our evangelical outreach program (including our School of the Bible) and support to our lepers and Pastors also.

Please pray about these areas where we are asking for help and see if God will “tap, tap, tap” on the door of your heart for India. I count it such a blessing to be able to serve God with this group in India and I’m sure you will, too.

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