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Incomplete Analysis

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Mark Lowry’s popular song, “Mary, Did You Know” has become a favorite for many, especially around this time of the year. In Matthew 1:19-25, an angel visits Joseph and begins to explain the origin of Mary’s conception. Since Joseph didn’t understand the whole story about Mary, he was afraid to marry her and thought he’d divorce her privately, not to cause her shame. The angel clarifies her situation and tells him not to be afraid to marry her.

The Scriptures say Joseph had a situation where he was going to make a decision about Mary based on an incomplete analysis. Fear came as a result of wanting to be good but at the same time he was hurt, pondering how could she be with another man.

I remember living in an apartment during the mid 90’s when some kids acted on their limited understanding. They would meet me in the parking lot when I came home from work. I know my sister says I’m a sight for sore eyes, but these kids would kick my wheels and scream obscenities into my ear. After a few occurrences, I became afraid and started to come home when they weren’t around. I learned later that their parents were high on drugs while they terrorized me.  Their screams were actually cries for someone to love them, for someone to hold them.

People with disabilities are marginalized and misunderstood at every turn. Members of society who haven’t been exposed to a person with a disability are often intimidated, like these kids, because they only know part of the story.

Did you know that although Jason uses a board to communicate, he is one of the smartest and most talkative guys I know? Did you know that although April has an intellectual cognitive disability, she is one of the most inquisitive and caring people I have met?

Though succumbing to fear is natural, God tells us in Proverbs 3:5 not to lean on our own understanding but to trust Him. Joseph would have totally missed God’s plan if he had acted only on his limited knowledge.  Life is scary at times and so often we don’t know which end is up. What situations are frightening to you this holiday season?

Six years ago, I had surgery to insert a pump into my abdomen to help with spasticity as a result of Cerebral Palsy. Of course, I had a lot more ‘fun’ than doctors expected. Being jabbed five times to get the IV in my vein was just another thing for me to grin and bear. While my two week hospital stay was miserable, God allowed me to meet people whose lives were turned around drastically by disability. Their emotions were intense as they began to process a life full of limitation and challenge. Their disappointment and anger were only signs of a deep yearning to be loved and valued. Perhaps God allowed me to have all that ‘fun,’ so I’d understand how much they needed God’s love and warm embrace. Though many things with following God’s call are very scary, we obey because He said so.

God doesn’t promise that everything will turn out the way we planned, but He does say He will be with us. I’m sure three Hebrew young people didn’t plan to sweat a few pounds in a hot furnace. The Scriptures say that the Son of God was there and they didn’t get hurt. I’m sure the Prophet Daniel hadn’t planned a vacation just to visit some hungry lions at their pad. As a result of his prayers, God closed the mouths of those hungry lions.   God gives supernatural power to be and do what He purposed. God is good and our difficult situations don’t change that fact.

Don’t base your decisions today on fear. Listen for God to reveal the whole story. Special Touch Ministry tells the rest of the story just like that angel did many years ago, so people with disabilities won’t be written off as they very often are. As a person with a disability, I consider it a great blessing to have an organization advocating for me.

God has a wonderful plan for your life. Trust Him today and see how He is at work.



Bradley A MattrischSpecial Touch Ministry, Inc.

National Coordinator of Support Ministries


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