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In the Midst of the Storms

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At times, the sea of life finds us riding out the waves of a storm, as it rages it’s furry against our boat that we call life. Such a time as this finds us calling out to the Master of the wind and sea.

These past few weeks have had me in the midst of a mighty strong storm. As the waves billowed and the sea raged her anger of furry at my “boat”, I still found myself with a peace so deeply grounded that if my boat were to capsize I still would find myself in the peaceful presence of Christ Jesus.

As the storm raged hard and long I was gently reminded of Peter and the disciples riding out a storm on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus got into the boat and His disciples followed. As they were sailing Jesus fell asleep. Immediately, not later but immediately and suddenly, a violent storm arose on the sea. The boat was being hit hard with the waves of the raging storm. Fear gripped the disciples’ hearts to where they feared for their lives. They called upon Jesus saying, “Master, Master we are going to die.”

How often do we find ourselves sailing along the sea of life on a calm day only to find that suddenly a storm has begun to rage against our boat? The storm rages violently and fear grips our hearts as we wonder if our boat will capsize and our precious lives will be gone. It’s during the storms of our lives that we find our need for Christ more strongly.

Our need is greater during that time, for our focus is not on Christ, but on our storm. As the waves continue to batter our boat the fear that is besetting us becomes larger with each pounding wave of water. As the gale wind blows and the skies darken it is then that we might call out to the Master of the wind and sea.

It was during the darkness of my storm that Christ began to shine brighter. As my mind was focused on the storm, my heart was crying to my Master. He heard my cries and understood my fears. When all words were spoken and all tears were cried out, He then listened to my heart cry out while the storm raged it’s furry against my boat. Just as He awoke long ago to hear his disciple’s crying to their Master, He too heard my cry and He will hear your cry.

He will arise and rebuke the winds and the raging waves that rage against your “boat”. He will say to them: “Peace be still”. With His gentle soothing voice He will speak your name. With eyes full of love and arms open wide, He will hold you and comfort you until His peace that surpasses all understanding will flow from Him to His loving child. He will hold you and He won’t let go.

It’s during the storms of our lives that our faith becomes stronger. Didn’t He say to the disciples in the boat, “Where is your faith?” They were fearful and amazed at the same time and questioned each other, “Who can this be? He commands even the winds and the waves and they obey Him!” Where is our faith during these times? Are we like the disciples that when the storm came they knew who to turn to or are we unsure, fearful and lost on the stormy seas? Our faith lies in truth and the knowledge of the words that the Master promised. He said that He would never leave us or forsake us.

So the next time the storms of life rage against the boat we call life, don’t focus on the storm that is raging, instead wake up the Master of the wind and sea, and gently call His name, and you can rest in the assurance that He will say to your storm… “Peace be still!!”


Sharon was born and raised in southern Pennsylvania. She has two sisters, and one brother and her mother is 84 years young. Her mother handed down a talent for singing to her. Sharon currently lives in Willard, Ohio and has two beautiful daughters, Ashely Elizabeth, and Marah Faith Lynne. Sharon also has two grandchildren, Levi Daniel and Olivia Pearl. She currently attends the Willard Church of the Nazarene where she is a member of the praise team. Sharon has enjoyed travel and singing at churches in various states, as well as on a television program in Nashville. She loves to travel, read, write, and spending time with her family.

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