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In God We Must Trust

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Every morning nature beckons me to wrap myself within its beauty–and I obey. Tree-lined trails to hike, seasonal creeks to relish, glimpses of deer, rabbits, and maybe a lone coyote add to the miracles of God’s creation just minutes from my door. The crisp morning breezes brush my face as a frisky squirrel scampers out of sight. Walking past a familiar row of sky-reaching Ponderosa Pines, I’m surprised to find one of these majestic evergreens toppled over and resting in the sturdy branches of its neighbor. Two days ago there were no signs of its weakening roots beneath the surface. Two days ago it stood like a guardsman over the forested area. Today it is dying because its roots were not securely anchored. I will miss its beauty.
Shifting gravel on a narrow downhill back road threatens to lay me out like a newborn calf, but I win and remain upright. And now I connect the dots in my mind: shifting ground and weakened roots. Today’s walk begins to speak to me like an open Bible. I ask myself important questions. Am I anchored securely in my faith? Do I truly trust and rely on God for each of my basic needs? Or even as a believer do I allow shifting worldly ways and whims to knock me off balance?
Today many of us are experiencing trembling faith as paychecks shrink or jobs disappear. Rising food costs, escalating prices at the fuel pumps, increasing utility bills and unexpected expenses cause us to doubt God’s promises. The devil smiles as he watches us waver under the pressure. His goal–to destroy our faith–to give up on God.
His cackling echoes in hell’s canyons as he watches the worry and fear gnaw at us like hungry wolves. He eagerly waits for us to slip on the bumpy roads that so often derail our faith.
It’s in these dark hours that every believer must examine their heart and trust that God will never throw His children to the wolves. God cares explicitly about each of us and every detail of our lives. It’s in believing that hope is renewed, roots of faith grow deeper and we are anchored again in His precious love. Our heavenly Father is a Helper who promises to walk with us on the rough roads of life as well as rejoice with us in our triumphs. We are never alone when our faith and hope are rooted in Him. With empowered faith our daily load shifts from our sagging shoulders into His most competent hands.
Let us hold tightly without wavering to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise. Hebrews 10:23 NLT
Charla Diehl :  The passion for writing was ignited in me when I was just a child in the fourth grade. One week the teacher’s assignment was to make a story from our spelling words. From then on I was hooked. I am a member of Christian website. My weekly challenge entries have made the Editor’s Choice list, the top 30 list and have also received their “highly commended” nod. I’ve been married to Keith for nearly 44 years. I am a mother of three daughters, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. I volunteer for the MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) program at our church where I worked until I retired. I love to walk, write, quilt and spend quality time with my family.

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