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I Need to be Fixed

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The book of Psalms is probably the most read portion of the Bible. The Psalmist’s prayers reveal so much about life and about what the Lord desires from us. Psalm 57:7 is just another “revelation” of God’s desire for His people: “My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.” He desires for our hearts to be fixed. Steadfast. Immoveable. Stayed on God. Always in a position of prayer and praise. Always ready to humbly submit to His will. Always listening to His voice.

Perhaps David wasn’t making so much a declaration that his heart was fixed, as he was telling his heart to remain fixed in the face of temptation or weakness. This would be not unlike us. We make choice after choice to obey or disregard the commands of the Lord. If our hearts are fixed, obedience comes naturally as our will is submitted to Him.

God couldn’t have found a better man to make this statement than David. David sinned greatly against God. He had every reason to run and not deal with his sin. But instead of covering it over, he boldly proclaimed his determination to serve the Lord regardless of the personal cost to him.

Is your heart fixed? Can you say in the face of adversity that your heart’s gaze is set on your Strong Tower? Is your heart in position to praise and worship Him? Our hearts must be fixed on Him, the main thing in all acts of devotion. David checked out his own heart before entering into worship. Let’s check our hearts today. If they’re not fixed, pray and ask the Lord to show you the weak points. He’ll never fail to meet a request like this.

Father, thank you for your heart as seen through the Psalmist. Examine my heart, O Lord, and show me if there is any disobedience in it. Help me to remain steadfastly fixed on You in every situation, in all circumstances. Lord, I love You above all else; may my heart remain fixed, amen!

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