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I Do Believe

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I want to tell you something that happened to me. I went to Jerusalem a couple of years ago. Before I went I heard in my spirit,” your assignment is to pray over the walls in Jerusalem.” The first night there I fell down and pulled my ham string muscle. I didn’t know how bad I was hurt at the time. I found out that an ace bandage helped me walk. Also realized I couldn’t walk without holding on to those walls in the streets.

I was coming back to hotel with a friend. I found out that going one way was different then coming back the same way. I found myself on the Via Dolorosa where my hotel was at that I was staying in. But the landscape had changed because now I was walking up the road of suffering. It went up hill and was unleveled ground. Holding onto the wall climbing up was beyond the pain that I could take. I was crying and thought “I can’t do this”. It hurts too bad. How will I walk till I get to the hotel? I took baby steps racked in pain. Then it hit me. Oh God, how did your Son walk this road that day? I don’t even have a cross on my back, nor has someone beat me till I was unrecognizable. Being hurt and having to hold onto the walls I was supposed to pray over now had a very different meaning to this assignment.


“Jesus, you walked this road and this way that day. You opened not your mouth. You were mocked and spit on. You carried the cross almost the whole way until you got there. You walked further then I was needing to go to get where you were going.How did you do this?” Then my tears started to be for more then the pain I was in. Now it was because when He walked on this same road He did it for us. He did it for many that will still reject Him even up to this day. I have walked this road many times in my life but nothing took on the meaning it did when walking on it holding onto the walls with the understanding of why I was given the assignment in the first place. Such great pain made the way for you and me and a new meaning with a greater understanding of what it cost Him to walk to His own death. I pray that I have given a small understanding of the things we sometimes don’t realize. HE PAID THE PRICE GREATER THEN WE WILL EVER UNDERSTAND. Thank you, Jesus.


3 – I Thirst – Via Dolorosa
Concert at Nazareth Academy for girls, Philadelphia, PA on March 5, 2012.
As one of the most engaging voices of today, Tajči has a tremendously contagious and inspiring optimism and joy that radiates through her music. She has performed for international audiences, sold platinum records and has toured the US in more than 900 iDoBelieve concert events.

Jeaniece Peppers is from Ga. and lives with her husband of 36 yrs. She has two children and three grand children. She does ministry work in other nations. She also has a ministry on Facebook where God allows her the privilege of touching the nations. She is a demonstrative prophet. That means God has her to act out many of the things He puts on her heart to say. She is in the hidden places most of the time. One of the lands He has placed on her heart is the Land of Israel. She has gone 5 times and is going back this May.On this Good Friday she wanted to share one of those prophetic moments when God required her to walk out the message he had for her on an assignment. May you be blessed at this Holy time of year!

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