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How to Go Fishing

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How to Go Fishing By Velma Kaye

Velma Kaye, President - Women of PASSIONS in Kenya

How To Go Fishing
Whoever decides to follow Jesus, Jesus will always convert them into tools for Kingdom Expansion. The main reason why we follow Jesus is so that we can be taught by Him how to save others. The old slogan of the Salvation Army Church “Saved To Save others” (SS) on the shoulders in a good confession, though like most Christians of our days, this has become too a form of religion without Power.
Peter’s one sermon in Acts Chapter 2, because it was preached in Power, managed to catch 3000 lives for the Kingdom of God. Jesus teaches and prepares us to receive and trains us how to use that Power once the Holy Spirit has come upon and filled within us. “And you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to me…”
To catch many people with the good news of the gospel, here are some of the fishing tips we can use:
  1. Acts 1:14teaches us about the importance of prayer before we reach out. So always pray before you go to preach to the people.
  2. We must maintain the unity of the brethren. Unity is not uniformity. We can be from different denominations but yet unite strongly against one enemy who is the devil. We must not put on the same uniform for us to be united. We must put on the same Spirit. Acts 2:1
  3. Amazement factor births amazing results. During Christ’s public ministry, all that met with Him were described as Amazed, bewildered, Astonished or in Awe. That same anointing was present in the early Church. God wants to amaze the world through us in the same was today. Acts2:6; 2:7; 2:12; 2:43.
  4. Do not be a Lone Ranger Evangelist. When Peter got ready to address the crowd at Pentecost, he “stood up with the elevenActs 2:14.
  5. Evangelism Every time Everyone Everywhere! This I call the 4E Principle is the key. We must realize that the Good News is for everyone. Acts 2:17-18.  Everyone is invited to the kingdom. No class or category of people is excluded. Therefore let us all sing together the song of heaven as we go into all the earth to preach the gospel “You are worthy to take the Scroll, and to open its seals; for You were slain, and have redeemed us to God by your blood out of every tribe and people and nation (Rev. 5:9)
God bless you, Keep you, Strengthen you and expand your boarders as He expands His Kingdom through you, to the honour and glory of His name, Forever and Ever – Amen!

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