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Honorable Mention 2014 Christmas Contest: And It Came to Pass

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by Mid Stutsman

MidStutsmanMid Stutsman is passionately in love with the Lord and her family ~ in that order. She lives in 2 different States with her husband of nearly 39 years and is blessed as a writer, artist  and photographer. Her one desire in life is to pass that blessing on to others and hopefully to  point them to the Savior. You can find her at:   This story is dedicated in loving memory to Kenn Allan.


And it Came to Pass

Mary paused before the open window, as was her custom each evening, to watch the fading sun fill the sky with its mesmerizing display of colors. This is where she came to pray and to meditate on portions of the Torah, which she passionately committed to memory. But today was different somehow. This time when she closed her eyes, she walked to the edge of reality, where the ages flowed quietly beneath her feet, and the echoes of the past touched the hem of her simple garment. In a tender moment of complete surrender, she raised her arms in silent praise, and there on the precipice awash with emotion, the childlike devotion that formed her being could be clearly seen through the realm of eternity. She was unaware that the Ancient of Days, who knows and clearly sees all things, was pleased with her humility. He had chosen her from the beginning, and it was destined to come to pass.

She remained in an attitude of worship and adoration, but as she opened her eyes, time seemed to move around her in slow motion, as though she had been put on display. She placed her hand against the wall to keep from falling, when through a swirl of unending beauty, there shone a light of eternal glory. Frightened at first, and then filled with wonder, she viewed the appearance of this glorious visitor, as though in a dreamlike state. The brightness of his being filled the room, and when he spoke, a love, most perfect, encompassed her with the gentleness of the wind in the evening. But who was she, surely unworthy to receive this esteem? Had he truly said that the Redeemer of mankind would come from her? Such wonders to ponder were beyond her reasoning, but her heart had rejoiced from the very first moment she had heard his voice, and it was then she knew that this feeling, most wondrous, of the promised Immanu’El, God with us, would surely come to pass.

So gentle His presence, hovering, covering her like a veil of light, bright with the iridescence of silken threads. She held her breath, wanting to absorb the beauty of this moment, lest somehow she’d forget, and yet, suddenly it was gone, and darkness filled the room. Now she must face the questioning. A miracle in a virgin girl? She closed her eyes against the whispering and gave her heart permission to trust in the promise of this child’s destiny. She would cling to the prophecies, that out of the reach of the greatest darkness, His light would bring them peace at last. He, who was heir to David’s throne, would receive His love and care from the one who had dared to believe what they said would come to pass.

So it was, when the night winds blew softly through Bethlehem, that Mary held her precious son and swaddled him in birthing cloths used for the shepherd’s newborn lambs. This was a night to hold close to her heart, and she desperately wanted to ponder its meaning. Were those prophetic verses, burning so long in hearts such as hers, finally being fulfilled? His birth would be special, as foretold by the ancients, yet had they not warned that the child she would hold was destined to die for mankind? Her mind was not ready to comprehend what lay ahead for the tiny babe that she kissed so tenderly. Was He not meant to be their king? But as she listened to the sounds overhead, she wondered what all the others were thinking. Would anyone else believe that the promised Messiah, conceived in her, was exactly what God had planned all along? She blinked away tears. Could she have been wrong? And that’s when a most wonderful thing occurred. Shepherds proclaimed that the Savior’s birth, revealed to them through angelic song, could be heard in a swirl of unending beauty and found in the light of eternal glory!

And it came to pass, on that Holiest of nights, that this story was just the beginning . . .


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