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His Father’s Eyes

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His Father’s Eyes
“The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.”  (Matthew 6:22) NIV
The elderly pastor clutched tightly his overcoat as the wind beat against him. Unlocking the sanctuary’s door he sighed, “Not one Salvation this year except one youth: Samuel Honeycutt. Lord, maybe I’m too old to be useful in Your kingdom.” He knelt at the altar of the church when suddenly he heard the church door open and young Samuel appeared.
“Pastor Paul, I just read in my Bible the story of a boy with the same name as mine. Do you know that story?”
“Yes, Samuel. It’s one of my favorites.”
“Oh, mine too! You know when I got to the part where Eli told him to answer, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.’ I felt that God was speaking to me. I feel that God is asking me to be a pastor just like you, but do you think that is possible?”
Tears welled-up in the old man’s eyes, “Oh, yes, Samuel, I feel it’s very possible. When you pray you just tell the Lord you’ll do whatever He asks.”
“I’ve heard you say that prayer many times, Pastor, and well….. to be honest…. I just wasn’t sure if God could use me. You know my situation….. I don’t have a father. I don’t even know who my father is……… I hear the ladies whispering when I walk by. They say things like ‘Who do you think his father is?’ And my mama….. well, she’s not one for church.”
The pastor’s gnarled fingers lovingly lifted the boy’s chin. Their eyes met.
“Samuel, you listen to me. When I look into your eyes I see your Father…… I see your Heavenly Father. That’s whose son you are. And as far as your mother goes, we’ll keep praying, son. You listen to that still small voice and tell Him you’ll be and do whatever He asks. And I’m honored to invest in your life.”
Samuel threw his arms around the old man’s neck. “Pastor, I love you!” he whimpered.
The years passed quickly, and the old man faithfully poured himself into the young man’s life. Samuel was in his final year of seminary when he received word that the elderly pastor was very ill. He was going to put in a nursing home because he had no one to care for him.
Samuel packed his bags immediately and scurried to the old man’s side. “Pastor, I’m here for you. You were always there for me, when I was a little fellow and I’m here for you now.”
“Samuel, you need to finish your schooling. Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. My life here is almost done. Yours is just beginning.”
Scalding tears trickled down Samuel’s cheeks. “Pastor Paul, I’m not leaving. I’m staying with you until the end.”
“Oh Samuel, you’re the best investment I ever made.” the old man cried.
Samuel brushed the tears and choked, “There’s always time for me to finish school. I only have a semester left.”
The faithful warrior of the Lord tightly grasped Samuel’s hands. Samuel knelt by the old man’s bed. The old man whispered, “Come close, Samuel.”
Samuel bent closer just in time to hear the seasoned saint’s final words. “You have your Father’s eyes!”
Dixie Phillips is a pastor’s wife from rural Iowa. She has been blessed to have some of her writings published by Standard Publishing, Abingdon Press, Radiant Life, Eldridge Publishing and her first illustrated children’s book is coming out in 2007 with Lamplighter Publishing.

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