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Heart of God India: Making a Difference

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Here are a couple of ways your prayer and donations are ministering to those in India. Enjoy reading these and knowing that you are making a world of difference in an area where there is much need.

Nine-Year Old “A”

Pastor Suresh recently wrote about nine-year old “A” who has been a child laborer since a very young age, cleaning buffalo dung with his bare hands and carrying water on his shoulders. He continued: “He stopped going to school. He came to me on the 19th asking to take him into the center. He wants to go to school. The first meal he had at the center, I can never forget. He ate like he hadn’t eaten stomach full for a long time. He ate his stomach full on the night he arrived here. I couldn’t control my tears. Now the twist is…the house where had been a child laborer is the house next to it! The owners of the house watch him eating well, taking bath twice a day, going to school smiling and playing with other children. What a remarkable change and God’s grace on his life.”


This child and other children like him need sponsors so they can continue to be fed well and brought up to live a Godly life of integrity and character. Note how he is now thriving and enjoying school with the other children in the photo.


Lepers in India

The lepers in India often live hand to mouth, begging for each morsel of food and never knowing when or where the next bite might come from. Most of the lepers do not have proper shelter. Because of your prayer and donations, we are able to offer some of the lepers rice and vegetables. The woman in the photo is a leper who is happy with her own plate as she shares a meal with other lepers. Our Indian team prayed with them and shared the Word of God with them as they enjoyed their love and respect.

November 2014 Team

A small team will be leaving the US to join our Indian team in ministry soon. Will you please add this trip to your prayer list?   We still need funds for the ministry budget, too.

Please give generously! Donations are tax deductible:

To sow into the mission budget, please use the link below:

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Jeanice and Team

 Heart of God India

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