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He Is Risen (And So Am I!)

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He Is Risen (And So Am I!)
by Wendy M. Reynolds


Easter time is here. For us, it’s not about Easter eggs, bunnies, new clothes, and baskets. For us it’s a day to celebrate what we should be celebrating every day. It’s a time where we reflect on and celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What words can I use to express and reflect the greatness, the power . . . What an awesome and selfless act. What Love the Father and Jesus must have for us. There are no words to truly describe the awesomeness of what He did for us. Thank You God!

As I thought about the resurrection of Jesus, I remembered that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead has raised us (for those who believe) as well with Him. I begin to think about what areas of my life are in need of resurrection. What have I allowed to die in my life that needs to be brought back alive? Do my dreams need resurrecting? Are my hope and faith fully alive? Am I operating in purpose? Am I fully alive?

This is my challenge: To allow God to breathe new life into me. With new life comes new energy, fresh revelation, new hope and new faith to pursue God and the completion of the work that He has purposed me for.

What about you? What needs to be resurrected in you? What dreams have you allowed to die? What work needs to be completed in you? I want to challenge you to take an inward journey and discover those answers for yourself. As you discover them, know that God is there waiting to breathe the breath of life into you. He is saying, “Get up! Now is the time to finish the work! Now is the time to show My power and My victory in your life. You may have been down for a little while. People might have counted you out. Some wept over you. Some celebrated the fact that your dreams have seemed to dissolve. Oh, but get up and get ready! It is not too late! It’s the perfect time for your resurrection!”

Thank God that Jesus was resurrected. He got up! And because He got up, I can to. I am risen! Risen from the past. Risen from whatever held me captive. No longer am I wrapped up and sealed behind the stone- the stone of fear, the stone of oppression, the stone of whatever! So, don’t look for me to be in that place, although it might be where you last saw me. Don’t look for me in the tomb! I am not there! My stone has been rolled away. I’m no longer bound but I am free to be fully alive- free to complete the work of my Father! Thank God for His resurrection power!!

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