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He Has Come!

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This devotional is based off of Micah’s Christmas song he wrote last year, He Has Come!  This is also Micah’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Micah!!!


 1.    Wise men they seek Him, seeing his light

There were wise men from the east who knew the prophecies so well they only needed a sign from God. They undertook a journey farther than they had ever gone before. This journey claimed years of their lives- all for a hope that they would possibly find the promised one, the Messiah. Their way was long and hard. It was not a clear path, and they often didn’t know exactly where to go. They persevered, and God led them to His Child so they could worship Him.

Angels proclaiming His worth

What a morning this must have been for the angels! These messengers of the Lord could now openly proclaim to all of humanity that the Lord of All had finally come to earth to live among us.

Shepherds they found Him, swaddled up tight

It is so much like our God to work it out that shepherds were the first ones to find the immortal God as a mortal child. It wasn’t the great kings, the wealthy men, or even the religious priests of that time. He told the ordinary people of that time first. I’m sure some have wondered why the shepherds were told, when there wasn’t anything special about them. Compared to the glorious event that happened that day, there were no special people. After the shepherds saw the Christ Child, they went out and told all people about the special event that had just happened.

A star in the sky at His birth

I think this is what really should have impressed the world about this special event. God put a star in the sky for a short time just to show off to the world that His Son had been born. This was something that they should take note of.

Then something happened of infinite worth

The plan of the ages at work

Those who knew the law would have found this very exciting. This was a humungous display of one of God’s first promises given to man for his redemption. The seed of a woman was destined to crush the devil’s head. It should have shown the religious rulers that all the signs were lining up, and their Messiah was come.

Chorus: He has come, the Messiah!

The Great I Am,  a child

It is so hard for us to imagine, but an all-powerful God became a human. He didn’t just look like a man. He was fully man and also fully God. The will power to limit oneself is so hard for us to do, yet our God did it for us.

For everyone, He was humbled

Was born a man to die.

The real clincher, Christ wasn’t only humbled to come to earth as a mere mortal, but He came to die. For a world that would soon show itself to hate him, as it has always shown in the past, He came with a plan to sanctify and spend eternity with us. He did this because He is a special God with the ability to love even us.

On this night, I remember

For all my sin He paid

I also know, that through all this, He came to pay for my sins, even though I wasn’t even thought of yet. He knew and loved me. He knew I would fail him, and I would let him down. He knew I would try to put myself over him, but he came to die for me.

And through His death I’m a member

Of the family He made

I am now adopted into His family as a son. I was taken from the path of destruction and given unlimited life with Him.

And this is all because of Christmas day.


2.   Families they gather, and once again

The ones that we love now are close.

We show them our feelings, presents we send to

Those that we cherish the most

The time that we wait for throughout all the year

The time of remembrance is here.

Many people think that the world has lost the meaning of Christmas, but I have no idea why that matters. If they don’t believe in Christ, then the true meaning doesn’t have any merit for them anyway, and they would be discrediting the story. I have always loved this time of year and have never appreciated how much the world gives me as much as now. Whether or not they believe the same as I do, they give me time off from work and will give my kids time off from school. No matter what they are doing, I can spend time with my family and give them presents remembering the most costly present of all that God sent to earth so long ago.

 Chorus: He has come, the Messiah!

The Great I Am, a child

For everyone, He was humbled,

Was born a man to die.

And on this night, I remember

For all my sin He paid,

And through His death I’m a member

Of the family He made,

And this is all because of Christmas day.


This song can be found on my new Album “All for Him”

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Being the seventh child of a Christian family, I felt I was under the shadow of my older siblings. I was saved at age three, but at twelve, I saw my life as more than living under that shadow. I wanted to serve the Lord. I didn’t know what occupation would be best for me, so I decided just to live my life for the Lord and see what He had planned. My high school years were hard, but some incredible songs turned my life around. I decided I wanted to help others with music the same way I was helped. In my senior year of high school, I started dating my best friend Grace Fitzgerald; we married a year later, on 7/7/07.

For two years, I attended Northeastern School of Theology and Missions, not knowing exactly how God wanted me to serve him. During that time, I compiled eight original songs. I decided to pursue music exclusively and started taking online classes at Berklee School of Music. I got my Specialist Certificate in Theory and Harmony in 2009.

The next year was difficult for us, with one child and another on the way, plus other things happening all at once. During that year I wrote a series of twelve songs about how I dealt with those issues and how God delivered us. The next year I took a break from school, playing for weddings and nursing homes. I worked on the recordings and finished the CD “All For Him” in August 2011.

We attended Merrimack Valley Baptist Church where Nathan Stecci began training me in the music ministry. The Lord led us to Manchester Christian Church where I am playing with their band. I hope to grow as a Christian and musician, and eventually, be able to put all of my effort into being a worship leader.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Great song, Micah!

    Happy Birthday! I love you!

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