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Wonderful Progress in Haiti

Heart of God Haiti

July 2010
Wonderful Progress in Haiti


Dear partners, family and friends,

July 2010
July 2010 - Heart of God Haiti


We are thrilled to share with all of you the wonderful progress that has been made during the past two months with our team in Haiti.  We were able to move Pastor Dicksent, 7 other adults and 51children into a secure compound in Port au Prince.  As you may remember, 19 of the 23 children that have been receiving medical care for the past three months in Guadeloupe. They oined the others at the compound on July 3rd bringing the total number at the compound to 74 children and 12 adults.  The remaining 4 children continue their stay at Guadeloupe as they are not yet well enough to travel.  We are now certified as an orphanage rather than a children’s school.  However, all the children living at the compound will continue to receive daily lessons and regular schooling.    

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We have been able to secure a contract with World Vision and Food for the Poor to provide enough food for everyone at the compound for one year.  What a tremendous blessing this is!  There is now enough food for the children to eat three meals a day – something they have not had for quite some time.  The regular meals are helping the children to quickly regain their strength.  

Our monthly budget provides water for everyone living at the compound ($450/month) as well as salaries for the 9 teachers, 2 security guards and a doctor caring for the children ($1,025/month).  In addition we cover the cost of electricity and internet service for the compound as well as cell phone fees so we can maintain communications with our team ($200/month).  Additional food supplies will be needed for the children from Guadeloupe that have recently joined the compound.  This will average about $400/month going forward.   We are looking for individuals who would be willing to provide monthly support to help us meet these needs.  

Life is slowly returning to normal for these children as their physical needs for food, water and a safe place to live are now being met.  The change is evident in the messages we receive from Pastor Dicksent.  The “old” (pre-earthquake) Pastor Dicksent has finally returned.  The desperation and fatigue that was always present in his emails and phone calls since the earthquake has been replaced with joy and praise. 

We wanted to share with you some of his most recent emails so you can read his uplifting messages. Please take a moment to read them exactly as we received them (see below); we have not edited the emails for grammar or spelling. 

Thank you to all of you for your continued support!  Without you, none of this would be possible.

David & Julie Young

Heart of God Haiti


June 15, 2010


Pastor Dicksent God loves you, brother and sisters
Things are going great for us at the compound ,all the children are happy now, cause there are away from certain things and they are not worry for food ,medicine or what ever, one more time I say :PRAISE THE LORD
Include the 23 children that are coming on the 22nd  ,we have more girls than boys, we have 39 girls and 34 boys they start from 3 years old to 17 years( a girl is 17),we have a lot of :3 ,5 ,9 ,11 in both sexes we have a little rain this morning and the state will soon be finish to repair the electricity, but today they could not work because of the rain
God bless you

Pastor Dicksent


June 20, 2010


Pastor Dicksent Hi , brother and sisters
God always makes things happen the way He wants it too, after the earthquake, HFC, was worry about his survival, we were lost and now, we can say ,1 st) thanks to God and thanks to heart of God ,Dave ,Julie, Jan, and the donors, cause, our staff and children are feeling great
God bless you

Pastor Dicksent


July 4, 2010


Pastor Dicksent Hi ,brother and sisters
I am so happy ,cause the HFC family is almost complete, except for the amputated children that they keep in Guadeloupe for observation and for adaptation with their new lives…
Saturday-it was a big party at the compound ,every body was happy to see the other, now we have more mouths to fed at the compound, my wife over do it ,she is an Angel, she found place for everybody and make sure that everybody feels good, we need some more sheets ,pillows and towels, forks, knives, plates, spoons, for the new people
Sunday- Great day at church, we need some bibles ,a speaker, and a microphone, we do not have church only for the people at the compound, we have a lot of people from the neighbor who are coming also
God bless you

Pastor Dicksent

(Note – 4 of the 23 children have remained in Guadeloupe for additional care.  The other 19 returned on Saturday of this week.)


July 11, 2010


Pastor Dicksent Praise the Lord ,Brother and sisters
I am so happy,1st ,Angel had accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal savior
2 ND) I am Invited at a Bible seminary for 2 days in DR with Pastor Jonas, Angel made us find that present and also ,he will be the one to take care of the fees, we will leave tomorrow at 9 AM and come Back on Wednesday the 14th July in the after-noon

Pastor Dicksent

(Note – Angel is the man from the Dominican Republic that has been helping Dicksent secure food and supplies for his people since the earthquake occurred back in January.  We are thrilled to hear that Angel has accepted Christ!)


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