Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Good News from Haiti

First, we want to thank each of you for your prayerful concern shown toward Pastor Dicksent and his health situation. Your response has been overwhelming; we are eternally grateful for you!

We wanted to bring you up to date with what we know so far. Pastor Dicksent had surgery on Saturday, October 30, to replace the pulmonary valve in his heart. We praise God for a successful surgery.

While in the Dominican Republic, Pastor Dicksent and those with him have endured unexpected challenges due to the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Apparently the patients in the original hospital were fearful of contracting cholera and demanded that Pastor Dicksent and his team be removed from the facility. Thankfully, the doctor had friends who were able to arrange the relocation and follow through with the scheduled surgery.

Pastor Dicksent has been recuperating in the Dominical Republic since the surgery

A vehicle is being sent today from Helping for Christ Victory Center in Haiti to pick up Pastor Dicksent, bringing him and his team back from the Dominican Republic to the compound.

Everyone should be back at the compound by the end of this week where Pastor Dicksent will continue his recuperation.

Once everyone is back in Haiti, communication will be much easier and we will learn more details about the surgery and Pastor Dicksent’s prognosis. His wife, Johanna, said there was much joy at the compound after receiving word that the surgery was a great success. Also, the staff and, most importantly, the children are incredibly grateful to have Pastor Dicksent coming back in good health.

Thank you again for your continued prayers for our Team Leader in Haiti. Pastor Dicksent, through God’s hand, has been the key to everything that has been accomplished in Haiti. We are very grateful for God’s providential care of our friend and co-laborer in the Kingdom of God. Please consider making a donation to help financially with the costs of Pastor Dicksent’s surgery.

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