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God’s Special Star

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God’s Special Star
by Elisabeth Coffel
Making a Christmas Memory With Your kids
Everyone knows that the sky is a beautiful thing and the stars are most amazing. All nature proclaims God’s magnificence and God hung the stars in His creativity where they are.
When Mary gave birth to Jesus the wise men followed the star to find Jesus. The star in the sky was different from any star.  God told them to leave from Jerusalem because He didn’t want King Herod to kill baby Jesus.  King Herod was a mean king that tried to trick the wise men into leading him to Baby Jesus. So the wise men left and followed the star.  They finally got there and gave Jesus the gifts such as gold, frankincense, and myrrh.   The star was a sign from God to the wise men that the Messiah was born. The Bible calls Jesus the bright and morning star.
Here is a verse and an activity for you to share with your family to help remember God’s special star, his gift to us:
Rise and shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has come upon you. See darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the people, but the Lord God rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to the light and kings to the brightness of the dawn. (Isaiah 42:16)
Also, God is sort of like a star… never running out of light and that light lighting up everything around it (Him).
Activity ~ Christmas Star Ornament
What you need for this project:
cookie cutter in the shape of a star
a peanut
You can use any color you like, taking the playdough and molding it into a star or getting a cookie cutter and cutting it in the shape of a star.  (A star has 5 corners coming to a point at the top of each.)
Cut a little circular hole at the top of one of the arms of the star. Put a little bit of butter or oil inside the hole and use a peanut or something hard to keep the hole from closing as it cooks.
Cook the playdough in the oven (about 400 degrees) for about 15 or 20 min or until it gets hard.
When your star is done cooking, take it out and put it on a platter to cool. Remove the peanut.
Sprinkle the star with glitter until it is sparkly. Use a small piece of string and put it through the hole and tie a knot at the top. Loop the string so that you can hang it on your tree.
There you go!! Good for you! You now have a home-made Christmas ornament to hang on the tree and a memory of a special time with your family and God’s gift to us in Jesus.
Submitted by Elisabeth Coffel, age 12. Elisabeth has a tender heart for the Lord.  She lives in Illinois with her family and enjoys writing, especially things about the Lord.  We look forward to hearing more from Elisabeth in future issues of “Journey”!

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