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God Revives Imprisoned Pastor Via Shortwave

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~ This testimony was given to JournEzine by a missionary who has long witnessed God move in mighty ways in foreign lands.  Their identity is not being disclosed so they may may freely continue their mission work. ~

Here is the missionary’s story, as told to JournEzine testimonies editor, Mary Ellen Shedron:

No missionary ever knows when or where or if they will face persecution as they labor in love for their Lord.  This testimony was created during the darkest days of harassment against Bible believers in the Ukraine when thousands suffered for their faith in the Lord.

Pastor G’s heart’s desire was to preach to his congregation.  Severe restrictions had already been placed on him, so he decided against registering his church with the government, as was the requirement.  He was often called to the local police station for questioning concerning his “illegal activity” defined as preaching to groups  who would gather for Sunday worship.

Government officials’ intolerance lead to threats being carried out and Pastor G was imprisoned.  Until the time he entered the dark prison, he had been supporting his wife, his 10 children as well as his aging mother.  His imprisonment put a tremendous hardship on his family.  He was also sent thousands of kilometers away from his home which made it very difficult for his wife to bring him warm clothing and food. (Editor’s note: 1 kilometer equals 0.621 miles)

In prison, Pastor G suffered many beatings.  There was little food and his bed was a cement floor.  Though prison conditions were squalid, Pastor G found his greatest difficulty was falling asleep each night.  When sleep finally overcame him, inevitably that was when the prison guards would come, awaken him and drag him into the prison warden’s office for yet another interrogation.

Pastor G was sorely tested physically, mentally and spiritually.  After a couple of years of cruel and inhumane treatment, Pastor G found himself in deep despair. He was crushed, broken and alone.  In agony, he cried out to God for reassurance of His love and presence.

One night he was again rudely awakened and hauled to the prison warden’s office.  He wondered silently, ‘What would they do to him this time? Would this beating result in his death? Who then, would care for his family?’

The prison guard shut the office door on his way out of the room, leaving Pastor G and the warden alone.  Suddenly, the warden looked at Pastor G and gruffly said, “Here!  Listen to your people across the ocean.”  Then the warden abruptly left his office, slamming the door behind him.

Now Pastor G found himself all alone, except for a shortwave radio the warden left on his desk.  Seconds before his hasty exit, the warden turned the radio on.

radio signal2

Just then, beautiful Gospel hymns came floating from the radio receiver.  Pastor G dropped to his knees in front of that radio and began weeping.  He remained in that position for the remainder of a half hour.  While there, he heard the reading of God’s Word, prayers and more music.

A sermon was broadcast, yielding the exact encouragement the brokenhearted pastor so desperately sought.  The sermon reminded him our God was still on the Throne and the He promised never to leave his children no matter where they were or what situations they found themselves in.

God’s gift through the gruff prison warden revived Pastor G’s heart. He was once again encouraged, his spirit lightened and his sole focus again was on God.

God heard Pastor G’s plea! Not only had God heard Pastor G, He answered his cry, just as His word promises.

Pastor G’s heart was so encouraged to realize the prison warden must also have heard those Bible programs via the shortwave radio, he began praying for the warden.

The Lord provided soul nourishment via shortwave radio to uphold this pastor who would remain in prison two more years until his eventual release. Pastor G’s testimony so stirred this missionary’s heart, they knew the story must be shared.


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