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Glory Rains

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The ground is hot. And so dry.

I cleaned my kitchen and listened to the reporters fill the air with radio reports of the drought.

When God created mankind in His image, He imprinted on us the ability to impact and control many things. Our limited power is a small shadow of His omnipotence. But although it is limited, we become so enamored with it. Enamored, and forgetful of our desperate need for the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

Amazing how the limitations of our control, our lack of omnipotence, surfaces so clearly when there simply is no rain. News reports carry headlines about officials praying – praying – for rain. Very rarely do I see headlines about officials praying over the struggling economy, or Iran, or the election, or the healthcare debate. No, somehow we still feel like we have a hand of control over those things. But rain – no rain drives us to our knees.

I wonder as I scrub dishes in that precious God-given water – what if we realized each day, each moment, just how perilous our existence is, how utterly dependent upon God’s gracious gifts we truly are?

What if we were less enamored with our power, and more stunned by our awesome God?

Last night, the heavens opened briefly and His glory rained down.

Glorious rain. Rain that splashed over boots and soaked everything in sight and left huge puddles on the pavement. Rain that we could not control, rain we did not deserve – all we could do was simply delight in God’s glory revealed in the storm.

Perhaps today is a dusty day for you? As the ground cracks and cries out for water, may our hearts be turned toward the God who holds the raindrops in His hands. May we remember that without Him we can do nothing. May we be less enamored with our power and more thrilled by His.



Oh, Father, rain on us.



Kristi Stephens is passionate about leading women into a deeper understanding of Scripture and a larger view of God. Trained as a Bible teacher at Cedarville University, over the past decade she has opened the Scriptures with teens and women of all ages in classrooms, retreats, Bible studies, and workshops. As a wife of ten years and mom of three little ones, Kristi juggles homemaking, homeschooling, writing, teaching, and serving as the women’s ministry director at their church. You can find more of Kristi’s writing at her blog,, or connect with her on facebook or on twitter.

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