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I Remember Once in a Christmas Time

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(Note: The authors of this article Daisy (11) and Rose Ott (9) are the daughters of Journezine contributor Debbie Ott.)

We remember we went with the Street Team on Christmas Day. The Street Team are people who give clothes to poor people. We handed out a lot of clothes to a lot of people. The kids who came got dolls, cars, and cards. After the people got clothes, they went to the kitchen to eat mashed potatoes, turkey and jello. We remember hearing music from the band on the stage. Some of the people wore rags and some looked hungry. Some of the people looked happy.

There was a man who came with a small jacket and he found a warm coat. He left and came back with a little girl and she found a sweater, pants and a hat. We felt sorry for her. We were glad she found a sweater.

Then we knew to be thankful. We did not get many presents for Christmas but we have a home and family. Best of all, God gave us the gift of Jesus.

Daisy is 11 years old. She likes animals, history, and drawing. She is the oldest child and has three sisters and two brothers and sometimes they drive her crazy.

Rose is 9 years old. She likes glass dolls, animals and piano playing. She has three sisters and two brothers. She has lots of energy and enjoys playing pranks on her family.

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