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Pack Up the Kids, We Are Leaving Babylon and Headed Home

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Nehemiah had a good job. He was a cup bearer to Artaxerxes, the King of Persia. Only those who were completely trusted by the King was given this responsibility, it was considered a great Honor. There is a good possibility that he even lived in the Royal Palace. All of his basic needs were taken care of, food, shelter, provisions and Job security. Yet despite all of his material comforts, Nehemiah had a problem, a very serious problem. You see, despite all of the appearances to the contrary, Nehemiah was a slave.

Because of their sins, the Jews had been carried away into captivity. There came a day when Nehemiah received a visit form some friends who still lived near Jerusalem, and in conversation he asked them them about the condition of the city, as well as the living conditions of the remnant of his brethren who were left behind.

To his horror he discovered that all the walls of his once beautiful city were broken down, and that the Jews who were left behind were in dire poverty. In Nehemiah 1:4 we read how this effected him. The Bible says that he begin to weep. Now tears can be superficial, but his sorrow went much deeper. He begin to mourn, which speaks of intense distress and grief.

This news had shaken him to the very core of his soul. His passion for his brethren had caused a deep anguish, so much so, that he begin to fast and pray. He confessed his sins, and all of the sins of his brethren. It changed his whole countenance, and went on for days, until it reached a climax when to touched the heart of the King.

I know in my heart, that God still has Nehemiah implanted in his church. These are those, who not only read about the early church, but have a deep longing and a desire to see the former Glories restored. These are those, who will not lie to themselves, but realize that the enemy of our souls has knocked down the gates of our churches with the battering ram of compromise, and has carried away our children into captivity.

These are those, who will not only weep until their tears dry, but their passion for the former Glories will turn into mourning. These are those, who will begin to fast and pray, not only confessing their sins, but standing in the gap, they will confess the sins of their brethren.
These are those who will have intensity, passion and anguish consume their every thought, changing their very countenance until they touch the heart of their God.

I know that there will be some who will be angry with what I am saying, because it will take them out of their comfort zone. When the children of Israel returned from captivity in Babylon out of a population of around 2 and one half million only about 50.000 returned home, a remnant.

The rest had grown comfortable where they were. They had homes, jobs and even houses of worship. Could this be a part of mystery Babylon ? Is it not time to return to the pattern of Pentecost. It was only a pattern, the Glory of the latter house shall be greater then that of the former.

We are not limited to the miracles, signs and wonders that we read about.
For 2000 years his bride, has been making herself ready. Her wedding dress will be snow white and unsoiled by the world. Her beauty will be such that the Angels in heaven will be speechless. This is the day to leave Babylon, a day to start the journey home. Jesus is coming soon.

Gary attended International Bible college in San Antonio Texas for 2 years in 1968 and 1969, married Esther Roberts in July of 1969. He spent 3 years in the Marine Corps starting in Jan of 1970 and getting out as an E-5 Sergeant in Jan of 1973. While on his tour of duty he was in the following nations: Cuba, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand as well as Haiti. Esther and Gary have 3 children. Mike is 40 years old. Lisa is 37, and the youngest Daniel is 30. They have 5 grand daughters and 1 grandson, ranging in age from 17 to 1 year old. Gary had a stroke in Feb of 2008 and had to be life flighted to Salt Lake City, but praise the Lord, He has completely healed Gary with no side effects.

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One Response to “Pack Up the Kids, We Are Leaving Babylon and Headed Home”
  1. Lori Robbins says:

    Pastor Gary,

    You have truly spoken from the very heart of God. He is preparing His church and calling all of us who are willing to walk away from the former and focusing on the new Heaven and Earth.

    God’s word tells us in the last days young men and women will have visions, while the old men and women will dream dreams. This is happening now! The Holy Spirit is being poured out to those who would receive Him.

    It is time for the children of God to pray like never before. They must seek His face and call out to Him with a loud voice. “If my children who are called by My name will bow down and seek my face and repent of their sins THEN will I hear from heaven and heal their land.”

    In March of 2010 God called me to start praying at 3 o’clock everyday. I am not Catholic nor did I have an understanding of why until weeks later when God showed me in His word. I have done so over the past year and four months and prayer has changed my life in so many ways and has changed the very way I pray.

    If the Lord should so show you, please join me in prayer at 3 p.m. During this time, I pray for our country, our leaders, my local church and body, and Israel, God’s chosen ones.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all God’s children around the world would pray everyday at 3 p.m.? God promises He will move on our behalf when this happens.

    Always loving the Lord,
    Lori Robbins

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