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Christian Iranian Freed after Posting $15,000 Bond

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A man accused of helping Christians and allowing his residence to be used as a house church was released on Dec. 30 from Rajayee prison in the Iranian city of Karaj after posting a $15,000 bond.

According to a story by Mohabat News, an Iranian Christian news agency, the release of Reza T. came after a month of imprisonment.

Mohabat explained the circumstances leading to the arrest. According to reports received by the news agency, on Nov. 30 2010, security forces attacked Reza T’s house church in Karaj (20 km outside of the capital city of Tehran), and arrested him.

In addition, Mohabat reported, based on their previously gathered intelligence, the security forces timed the attack to coincide with a church service in progress. Reza T. and 13 others were at the home praying and fellowshipping. They were all arrested.

Mohabat said in addition to the arrests, security forces searched the house and confiscated Bibles, CD’s, and a keyboard used for praise and worship.

Subsequently, Mohabat reported, all those arrested were transferred to the intelligence unit of the Ministry of Information, detained overnight, and “and subjected to harsh and severe interrogations.”

The 13 members of the fellowship were released by offering personal guarantees and promising not to engage in any Christian activities or gatherings.

Mohabat said Reza T, a 32- year resident of Karaj, was transferred from the Ministry of Information to the Rajayee prison for continued detention and interrogations.

Mohabat said there is currently no information on the charges filed against Reza T.

During the Christmas season, Mohabat noted, Iranian security forces arrested and detained a large number of Christians in Tehran and other Iranian cities.

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