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Let Freedom Ring

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Long before the call of freedom, there was a warning that preempted its existence. Our forefathers, whom distinguished themselves as great visionaries, justly triumphed in this great call. Their heart sang with the anticipated melody of songs sung and wars won in proclaimed victory. For in the distance, a faint melodic voice was calling unto them, “Let freedom ring!”

Procuring their needs to match this great creed, they brought together not the faint in heart, for this was a call only for the brave. The days would be grueling, fierce and filled with turmoil. Many suffered without the need of food and water being met. As days turned into months and years, these soldiers stayed their call without abandonment. No one could argue that they were now walking in the days in which they were predestined.

The call for freedom became their every heartbeat. Upon every breath their nostrils anticipated its sweet release. Yes, freedom was just beyond reach, but not unreachable! For freedom was birthed within the hearts of these valiant men. They pursued it, aggressively chasing it until it was within their grasp. Their great quest had finally become a reality. Among the troops the country could hear ringing out, a song of jubilant victory.

Many of these men fought, yet never laid eyes upon this great day. Too many died in their noble cause to obtain such a magnificent feat. Not turning back, they left loved ones behind, knowing that in defeat their cause would be sorely annihilated. Pressing on, laying down their own ambitions, they embraced their beloved families and marched on toward the promise. Without relent, they went after the great prize. The only thing that kept them warm at night was hearing the sound of freedom ring within their own hearts.

Today, because of their great sacrifice, we still can hear the great address that once captured the very core of their beings. The baton has been passed on. Anyone willing to carry out the call can rightly claim their stake. In addition, because of the great price of freedom that was paid two thousand years ago, we no longer are held captive. In this hour, there stands in our midst, a new breed of soldiers. They are a glorious remnant that has answered the call from generation to generation.

Strong, spiritual men of destiny have kept this great decree alive. Their edict was sealed by the blood of God’s only Son. For it was in Jesus that freedom first echoed the hearts of men. It will be in His great and glorious return that the nations will cry, “Let freedom ring!”

Let freedom ring through the Nations
Forgetting not that blood was shed
Let freedom ring, no silent barriers
For we shall not ever forget
The greatest price was paid in full
With a drop of blood from Calvary’s pool
So enter in all souls redeemed
For all still sing “Let freedom ring!”

Jane Morin is an award winning author, singer/songwriter and international speaker/ worship leader. She has written for Spirit Led Women, Cup of Comfort Devotionals, Heart at Home Devotionals, and Christianity Online. Her own book, Forty Days of Life Changing Devotions” has received recognition from numerous pastors and peers throughout the United States. She is also a pastor’s wife and resides with her husband in West Texas. To learn more about her go to:

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