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I Can See the Lights of Glory

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One of these days I am going to take a trip to a place I have never been before. It will be a journey so exciting that I would not choose to miss it for anything in the world. My fare to that destination was paid in full by One Whom I have known for many years, but have never seen. I will be traveling light, too, for all of my old baggage was carried away and discarded by Him long ago.

By the way, I must tell you that the ticket for my upcoming trip is for one-way travel only. You see…when my life’s journey is complete…when my work here is done…and when the trials of my life are over…then, I will gladly leave this place when I hear the Lord calling my name.

The Bible teaches that, for believers, this world is not our final home – we are just passing through. Even though we are in the world, we are not of the world…for our citizenship is in heaven. Born-again Bible believers are sons and daughters of the most-high God, and are heirs to His kingdom.

If the rapture does not take place first, then, one day as the Lord has planned for me, my eyes will close and I will draw my final breath here on earth. I will leave behind a mere shell of bones and flesh that had become very tired and weary from the battles fought – and they will bear the scars of sickness, disappointment, tears, and the pain from life’s many trials.

Immediately, I will be aware of angels surrounding me – each assigned by the Lord God to provide comfort, and accompany me to the Father’s house in heaven. I will feel the soft brush of angel’s wings as they gently, but swiftly, carry me toward a warm, distinctive glow I will see far off in the distance.

Then, as I am brought closer, it will become apparent the glow is radiating outward in every direction from the brightness of heaven’s glory. Located within the grandeur of heaven is a magnificent City bathed in His Light…the Holy City…the New Jerusalem…the eternal Home for the Bride of Christ…the City that will one day come down from heaven to a new earth.

Soon…very soon, I will be Home to finally meet my Savior and Lord face to face!

Only after the angels bring me into the realm of heaven, and, then, near to the City’s entrance, will I begin to understand the Scripture which states that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him. There are no words in our languages that could ever begin to describe that which all believers will one day witness first-hand. Its glory simply defies description. Oh, what an incredible place it will be!

The Bible tells us the City is laid out as a square…1,400 miles in both length and width, with a height of equal measure. There are twelve foundations adorned with every kind of precious stone. The wall around the City is of clear jasper stone – allowing the glory of God to shine brilliantly. There are twelve gates around the perimeter of the City…three on each of the four sides. Each gate is comprised of a single enormous pearl.

As I approach one of the pearl gates, I know I will begin to hear the singing of at least a million angels, and large numbers of saints who had arrived in the City before me. Their combined voices will be lifting up beautiful, never-before-heard music in an enormous chorus of praise and worship that will never cease.

Unable to contain my curiosity and excitement, I will gently nudge the nearest gate open just enough to catch a quick glimpse of what is inside. With wide-eyed anticipation, I will peek through the narrow opening to see streets of gold – gold as pure as glass. I will see a river flowing – its sparkling water resembling liquid diamonds. Oh, my! There will be so much more, too… just as Scripture has promised for all who believe.

Then, I will see Him. One look…just one look…is all it will take. I will know He is my Savior, Lord, and Master…the One who willingly gave His life for me…and the One Who I will serve for all eternity. When I see Him face to face, all the beauty of that glorious City will suddenly pale in comparison. Being there will be all about Him – not about the City.

My Jesus will quickly swing the pearl gate wide open for me. When I see the broad smile on His face, and His outstretched arms revealing the scars in His nail-pierced hands, I will simply crumble at His feet with tearful humility and thanksgiving. He will tenderly wipe the tears away, and take my hand to lead me through the gateway of Home.

Then, I know He will say, “Welcome, My child. Yours is the kingdom of heaven!”

Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people. We become prepared by conviction of our lost spiritual condition – and having a sincere desire for Jesus in our heart and life. Then, we must believe by faith alone on the Name of Jesus…that He is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life. We must believe He paid the full penalty for all of our sins…that He was victorious over the grave, providing the only way we might have life…and then, we must confess that He is Lord over all. That will result in repentance, God’s forgiveness, and a changed life that is pleasing to Him for His honor and glory.

If you have not already done so, please choose to receive Him into your heart and life today. I know that one day I will see the Light of Glory face to face. My prayer is that you would be there, too!

Mr. Mehl’s prayer during retirement is that he might serve the Lord by sharing the Good News of the Gospel through his written work. As the Lord uses his writing style, Scripture knowledge and insight, Don’s work will inform, challenge, and assure the reader.

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