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Cartoonology – Runaway Life

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Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.
Matthew 24:44

Shopping experiences can be full of unpleasant surprises. My wife and I were driving around the perimeter of a Walmart parking lot when we noticed a man pushing a shopping cart loaded with items he had just purchased. He pushed it up to the back of his car, opened the trunk and proceeded to move around other packages to make room for more. In the meantime, the cart began rolling away, barely missing the car just ahead of us. We stopped and watched as the cart rolled in front of us and made its way across the parking lot into a pile of snow along the curb. All the while, the man is totally unaware of what is happening.

I would have loved to capture the look on his face when he discovered the cart was missing. Throwing his arms up in the air, he jumped around in a circle. Obviously, his first thought was someone had stolen the cart. I tapped on my horn to get his attention and pointed in the direction of the cart. Relief came over his face at first followed by embarrassment. His arms went up in the air once more, but this time with a smile.

Life can be like this. While we are preoccupied with making room for all the “stuff” in our life, things happen and catch us by surprise. Days, months and years can go by before we know it; leaving us behind and never getting around to the things that matter most. And then, one day we wake up only to frantically look around trying to piece everything together. A lot of things can get away from us including health, fortune, family, friends, etc. More importantly, we can find God missing in our lives; something we intended to get around to at sometime.

E. Larry Ross pastors a small church (New Life Community Baptist Church) in Bedford, VA, which began in 2006. Larry loves cartoons and has noticed through the years that they quite often contain a spiritual message or hint. Cartoons often depict the culture of our day. His cartoon blog is an attempt to draw from cartoons and apply spiritual truths than can impact lives.

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