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Interview with Debbie Roome – First Place Winner, Christmas Story Competition

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Download and read all the Christmas Contest Entries at this link!

JournEzine: Congratulations on the placement of you entries in the Christmas Story Contest, Debbie! I want to encourage you that we increased the number of our Judges this year and they scored all of your entries quite high. You’ve had quite a bit of success as a writer and I know that you give God the glory for that. Is it hard to maintain that focus when success continues to knock at your door?

Debbie: Not really. I’m so aware that God has given my ability to write and although it’s exciting when I experience success, I know it’s not in my own strength.

JournEzine: Have you made writing and/or reading a part of your everyday life?

Debbie: I read and write almost every day. Bibles, books and newspapers are always stacked next to my desk – I have about 20 books out of the library at the moment – and I do a lot of freelance writing so there’s always something to work on.

JournEzine: Is there a typical day in the life of “Debbie Roome” or is each day a new adventure?

Debbie: My life is extremely flexible and I do part-time mystery shopping as well as writing. My work involves a lot of traveling and although I have a rough plan of what’s happening each month, I often get asked to go on trips at short notice. I use the traveling time to write and love visiting different cities and towns across New Zealand.

JournEzine: Do you have other family members who write? I think our readers might be curious if you have seen interest or talent in your children.

Debbie: My youngest child, Chantelle (16), enjoys writing and has had a story published in a UK anthology. She recently entered another writing competition and is waiting to hear the results.

JournEzine: When you write, do you plan out your story or are you one of those writers who just sits down to write and the story develops as you continue on?

Debbie: I generally think about the story for a few days or weeks and may jot down a few ideas or a rough outline. I normally have the beginning and the ending by the time I start writing but may fill in the rest as I go.

JournEzine: Do you write from imagination alone or do you draw from life experience?

Debbie: Definitely a combination. I’ve always had a good imagination but I couple this with things I’ve seen and experienced. I love watching people and many strangers appear in my stories – I include snippets of their lives based on my observations.

JournEzine: Have you always loved to write, Debbie, or was there a time when you felt like it was overwhelming or a time when you doubted that you had talent?

Debbie: I’ve been writing since I started school and have never really stopped. It’s always been a delight and pleasure and never a burden. I sold my first story to a newspaper at the age of eight and won numerous awards at school for writing. I knew I had talent but it’s only in the last five years that I’ve had time to hone my skills – and that’s an ongoing process.

JournEzine: Do you have words of wisdom for any of our aspiring writers out there?

Debbie: Write, write and write some more. Enter competitions, submit your work to every place you can think of, take courses, and never ever give up.

JournEzine: Would you like to share part of your testimony or a special memory with our readers?

Debbie: After living in South Africa for 15 years, my husband, five children and I immigrated to New Zealand in January 2006. It was a heart-wrenching move but I felt God was going to give me greater opportunities with my writing. Five days before we flew out, a lady from our church approached me and said she believed God wanted me to concentrate on my writing in New Zealand and that He was going to use me in a special way.

I enrolled in a journalism course soon after arriving here, sat down to write in earnest and have never looked back. God can bring great joy and triumph out of the most painful circumstances. I realized this afresh after our city was struck by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in September this year. I have been able to reach others through my writing and photography of the earthquake and am working on a book about the emotional impact of the event.

JournEzine: Thank you, Debbie, for allowing us a glimpse into your life this wonderful Christmas season. Thank you for sharing the gift that God has entrusted you with. It’s always such a pleasure to read your work.

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