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The Heart of Worship

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In pondering the heart of worship, I came to Mark 14:3-11. This is the passage where a woman (we learn in John 12, that it was Mary, sister of Martha), breaks open an alabaster jar of expensive perfume and pours it out on the feet of Jesus. In studying this passage, I learned that these alabaster boxes were so expensive (possibly the equivalent of $3000-$4000) and special that they would be passed on from one generation to the next, and the next, and the next.

In this passage, Scripture doesn’t tell us how old this particular alabaster jar was, but we know it was very expensive. It may have been passed for generations in Mary’s family. But, Mary holds nothing back from our Lord. “She broke the jar and poured the perfume on His head.” (Mark 14:3b)

So then what would she have left to pass on to the next generation? Now this jar was worthless without the precious nard. No money and no perfume to pass on.

Oh, but what a sweet fragrance filled the house as the scent penetrated the warm skin of our Lord and permeated the whole house (John 12:3b)! Mary offered true worship to Jesus and that is something worth passing on!

What are you and I passing on to our children? Mary was criticized for being ‘wasteful’ yet; Christ commended her for her worship. Is the world (or even the church) telling you that it is ‘wasteful’ to have a degree and be a housewife? That it is ‘wasteful’ to use your gifts in your home rather than to make money or be noticed by others? The world teaches us that pouring ourselves into our children and our families is wasteful. They teach us that pouring money into missions and spreading the gospel is wasteful. But our Lord Jesus teaches us it is treasure, beautiful and valuable treasure.

Our daily choices determine what we pass on. Are you and I living poured out for Christ in the very place HE has planted us…thus, permeating our homes and lives with the fragrance of Jesus?

Mariel Davenport is a blessed wife and home schooling mom of two gifts. She is a She Speaks graduate who seeks to use her God-given gifts to teach women to bear much fruit for the glory of God. She is the founder of Growing in Godliness Ministries based on 1Timothy 4:7-8. Mariel seeks to discipline herself and others toward godliness through speaking and writing opportunities the Lord Jesus provides.  Her first published bible study, Knowing God Through His Names,  is scheduled to be released by Tate Publishing in January 2011.  Mariel and her family make their home in Wake Forest, NC.

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