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What You Lookin’ At? – Honorable Mention

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What you lookin’ at?

Yeah, I got on rags and maybe I don’t smell so good. But I gotta invitation here says to come to this place for a free Christmas dinner so here I am. Henry Morton’s my name. Oh, it’s in the basement? OK, I’ll go on down there.

What you lookin’ at?

Oh, you ain’t questionin’ me. You just wanna hang up my coat? Well, that’s real nice, ma’am. But I’ll keep my coat with me, if it’s all the same to you. It’s my coat, even if it did come from another place like this.
Over there? Where you’re pointin’? That’s where I can get me some coffee? Yeah, coffee would be nice, ma’am. It sure smells good. And a merry Christmas to you, too.

What you lookin’ at?

I just want some coffee. Oh, you just wanna know if I want milk or sugar? Well, just milk’s OK, I guess. You folks sure is nice. Wonder what your angle is. Everybody’s gotta angle, ya know. Is that turkey and fresh pies I smell? It’s makin’ me real hungry.

Over there? Where them stain glass windows is? Oh, there’s a church service. What about that dinner? Oh, after church? Well, I ain’t got much use for church, but you gave me this here coffee and I sure could use some dinner. And, it is warm in here. I ain’t exactly dressed for church. Oh… I’ll be OK? Much obliged, ma’am. A merry Christmas to you, too.

What you lookin’ at?

After all, you’re sittin’ here with your coffee, just like me. You look like you ain’t much better off than me. Sure seems like a nice buncha folks, don’t they? What’s that? Peace be with me? Yeah, OK. Same to you, I guess.
Hey, looky here. I know this book. This here’s a hymnal. I remember using these in the church Granny took me to when I was young. Granny sure was one for singin’ those hymns. She always made sure I went to church so I could amount to somethin’. Guess old Granny got that part wrong, didn’t she?

I used to love going to church when I was young – and Granny made me promise I’d always go to church. Once she passed on, my folks didn’t make me go, so I didn’t keep it up. I guess I coulda gone myself when I got older. But I guess I was already outta the habit by then. Maybe if I’d kept goin’…

Well, I see someone on the stage up there and I guess they’re gonna start the preachin’ soon. Hope I can stay awake; I sure am tired.

What you lookin’ at?

Oh, pardon me, ma’am. I didn’t realize I’d dozed off. Oh, I guess the church part’s over. Well, much obliged for the coffee. Dinner’s over there? Well, thank you kindly. Yes, ma’am; I sure am hungry.

What you lookin’ at?

Oh, yessir, I’d love some gravy on my turkey. And them biscuits look homemade; you can give me two, if you like. You folks sure is nice givin’ us this here Christmas dinner. What’s that? Did I like the message? Well, I confess I was sleepin’ through that message. Sure, you can sit with me while I eat, if you like.

What’s that? Do I think I’ll go to heaven? Well, I remember that’s what Granny always wanted me to be sure of. I guess that’s why she wanted me to promise to go to church. Would I like to hear about God’s promise? Well, I guess so. After all, I’m sure if there’s a God, He prob’ly keeps His promises better than a guy like me.

What you lookin’ at?

What do you mean: a child of God? Me? You gotta be kiddin’ me, mister. Oh, you got a Bible there, tellin’ about it? Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind lookin’ at that for awhile.

Donna Emery

I am a proud mom of 5, living in central Pa. I am a Christian, a hospice nurse, a homeschool grandma and a writer. I love trivia, books, and word games. I have been writing plays, poetry and short stories most of my life and have many articles posted on a Christian website, as well as weekly commentaries on a reality show website.

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