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Forgiven and Redeemed

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Forgiven and Redeemed…

Acrylic 24 x 36
A couple of years ago, I attempted to paint prophetically up front at a church in Va.   I painted the canvas yellow…and started to paint words with the color purple like, King of Kings, Glory…etc.  I was so nervous…I messed up a word…and completely mispelled it.  In a panic and so ashamed…I just started blending the 2 colors together to make an ugly swirl of shame…and then eventually…because I wasn’t sure what to do, I just set the canvas aside.Late last year, I was led by the Lord to paint For You! Liberty.  To prepare I needed to see how the red “blood” would drip, so I used this discarded canvas as my trial run.  I covered it with drips of red glitter paint.  All over the canvas. Again, when I was finished, I put the canvas aside, because I thought it was ruined.   It not only was covered in paint, but there were bumps and ridges from the drips.This week I was cleaning up my art studio and I came across this canvas again.  But this time, I started seeing something in it, on it. I kept thinking, “I should paint something with the blood of Jesus dripping on this canvas”.  So I looked online and found this photo, from the “Passion of the Christ.”  It touched me.  Moved my heart…  So I considered painting it…but since it was a photo from a movie, I knew it was copyrighted…and so I would not be able to sell prints without writen permission from the Production company.  So I decided to keep looking…Then the next day, someone tagged me in that very same photo!!   So there it was…I was tagged.  Then I knew I was supposed to paint it…as worship…whether or not I could sell copies of it…maybe people will be touched by just looking at it and possibly even saved…So I started painting.  I took this old discarded canvas, a canvas that had once been a source of shame for me.  A canvas that had been used and set aside…that seemed to be good for nothing…and I began to cover it with a fresh coat of paint.  As I did, I noticed that the texture, the ridges and bumps were the best part of the painting and I loved how the red glitter from the paint would shine through.  How that horrible color I created from my gold and purple mistake swirl coming through from the background was one of the most beautiful colors of the painting.Painting this made me think of what He did for us.  We, like that canvas, had made mistakes that were shameful, been trashed, set aside…and even labeled “good for nothing failures.”  But then Jesus, in His love, chose us to be His, He covered us with His blood and then made us beautiful and useful again.  He took the very things that seem to be the biggest weaknesses in us, and made them the most special, unique part.  And now…when the Creator looks at us…He doesn’t see the shame or mistakes, how we were used and discarded…now when He looks at us…  He just sees Jesus.
I have been an artist all my life, but started painting deliberately about 17 years ago. Something inside of me wanted to create art, even as a child. So one night in 1992, armed with only 6 tubes of paint, I painted my first painting. When I showed it to my family, they didn’t believe I had actually painted it–that was all the encouragement I needed!! Not long after I started painting, I would take my art to work with me to show the resident artist, then coworkers would see my artwork and commission me to do portraits for them. As a single mom, the extra money came in handy, it seemed the Lord would bring commissions to me at just the right time.I started dreaming of teaching children art, so I got job as a teaching assistant for a local town art center. I loved it, and eventually I became a teacher and started my own art school. I designed my own year long fine art curriculum for home schooled students and began working out of my trunk, teaching art classes in local churches I stopped a couple of years ago when my son left home, but I hope one day to start again in a more permanent location.

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