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Flash Mob

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There is something about a flash mob that makes a person smile, you know?  Especially at Christmas time.  Someone shared this video on FB.  I can’t imagine being out shopping and then one person starts to sing and then the person beside you begins and soon, the whole place is filled with song.  Can you imagine?   I would LOVE to be a part of a mob scene like that.

I wonder if that’s how it all started in Bethlehem?  

The star.  Look at that!

The angels singing.  Wow!  Unbelievable!

The shepherds and wisemen…  all lending their voices to worship the newborn King.  The first Christmas flash mob was angelic.  Who knew!

Isn’t that the way it should be with our faith?  One person, let’s say you, shares what Christmas really means.  Do you realize that many don’t know.  Honestly.  I work with teens that wouldn’t have a clue what the true meaning of Christmas is.  Think about this:  if it were all about Santa Claus, wouldn’t it be a big let-down once you were older and found out…you know…that he’s not for real?  The only reason we celebrate Christmas at all is because Jesus was born.  There would be no Christmas without Christ.

Maybe that’s why flash mobs are so very cool.  People who don’t even know the true meaning and Christians alike, all stop.  They point.  They smile.  They tap their feet.  They sing along.   They hug.  In this video, you’ll see how the whole atmosphere of the mall changes dramatically because of a shared event with a life-changing message.   My life changed when I finally understood the true message of the Christ Child and all that it meant.  Love came down from Heaven and nothing was ever the same again!


Laury is a middle-aged wife of 28 years and mother of three – two adult children and one eighteen-year-old son who is now a freshman in college. She is now in the empty nest category and loving it.

Her life and the life of her family drastically changed about nine years ago when she developed a headache that never went away and grew in intensity. She was eventually diagnosed with Intracranial Hypertension, after an extensive search on her part for an answer. Living with chronic pain seeks to consume a person’s life. Her struggle is to not let it define who she is, which is a a constant struggle. She is able to use that pain to reach out to others who live with chronic pain.

She loves to write. God led her to Faithwriters where she has grown her skills and also found her very best friends. She likes reaching out in electronic form and giving of herself in her blog, Between the Storms, and a group blog, Jewels of Encouragement, where she is a contributing author and editor.  She is also a contributing author and editor of JournEzine’s Daily Manna (which she really loves, by the way:)

Her paid job is aide at a high school where she works in a self-contained classroom with students with special needs. Each day is a challenge but it’s also very exciting and fulfilling. The best part: she get summers off! God has given her strength and incredible family and friends to keep her pressing on towards what He has for her.

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One Response to “Flash Mob”
  1. LauraLee says:

    That made me cry! Great devo, and WOW, that video blew me away. I would LOVE to be in the middle of that! Thank you for sharing. Merry CHRISTmas, Laury.

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