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Five Minutes Could Change a Life

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If you ever have a conversation with my mom, beware!  She will get you talking about the condition of your soul, your deepest dreams, disappointments and pains before you even know what hit you. Most people, when they meet someone for the first time, talk about the weather, or the latest movies that are out, or how they like your sweater but no… not my mom. My mom cuts straight to the chase. No nonsense and if all of us could be more like that, I believe the world would be a more beautiful place. Wanna know why? Well, just sit tight. It’s story time.

I couldn’t find any long, black skirts for under $60–and I certainly didn’t feel like paying that much, so I made myself a really awesome maxi skirt last night. Because the first one turned out so well, I decided to go back to the fabric shop for more material so I could make some more dresses and skirts.  My mom and I decided to go to the fabric store after dinner with some friends. We walked in, I gathered my desired materials and we waited for our turn at the counter. The girl working called our number and we went over to have her cut my fabric. I was a bit miffed because she said, “What do you want” in a rather abrasive tone. But did my mom care? Nooooo. My mom asked if she had a long day.  She said yes, and that she works four jobs so it’s really hard. Then she added, “I’m about to be a mom, so I gotta make ends meet.” It was all downhill from there.

Through the course of my mom’s no-nonsense questioning, we found out that she had grown up in the foster system, has never had a mom, her brother is in and out of jail, and once she found out she was pregnant, everyone in her life told her she needed to abort the baby. The father’s mom helped buy the house they’re both living in and said that if they keep the baby that she would try her best to get them kicked out of the house. Regardless, she decided to keep the baby.

Good grief! I wouldn’t have known that much about someone if I had known them for a month! It took my mom five minutes to discover these intimate details. Then mom promptly ran (and I do mean ran; it was almost closing time for the stores) over to Tj Maxx to buy this new friend something for her baby.  She brought the gift back to the girl and told her that God sees her and that he’s proud of her for her choice to keep the baby even though everyone in her life encouraged her to abort. The girl started crying and thanked us profusely for caring and for listening and for helping. She said her friend has been trying to get her to come to church for a while, but since she works Sundays, she might try to come to a night service. My mom wrote our phone number on the gift card and told the girl to keep in touch so we could get her to church somehow and support her in any way we can.

If  ever in my life, I could be half as holy as my mom, I’d be happy. All I saw was that the girl wasn’t very nice to us when we walked up. How short sighted of me! How naive! If my mom hadn’t been there with me to see past that, we would never have had that conversation. But it was so beautiful to watch.

THAT is the effect of the gospel. THAT is what it means to love people. THAT is what it means for God to pursue people. He is pursuing that woman. He loves her. He sees her. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the fact that they’re sinning – she’s pregnant and living with her boyfriend– that we can’t see what the need really is. The girl doesn’t need to be told she made a mistake–she needs love! She needs Jesus! She needs someone to have compassion on her and care for her and support her. Who’s going to throw her a baby shower? Who’s going to be excited when the baby is born? Everyone else wanted her to abort it. She’s alone. So many people in this world are alone and they don’t need Christians telling them their lives are in pieces. They know the condition of their lives. But what will break their hearts and bring them to Jesus is the knowledge that he sees them, that he loves them, and that he is proud of them, because he is. Even though they are wandering away from him and they don’t know him, he knows them, and he wants to pursue them and bring them into a life of wholeness. He wants to heal them. They are his children too.

I was so humbled by what happened. I’ve resolved after tonight to pray every day that I would be able to see people like God sees them. I don’t want to look at the outward appearance like I did tonight. I want to look at the heart like God does. I want to see people and have compassion on them. I want to show people the REAL effects of the gospel with life and healing, not the traits of judgement and legalism. When an opportunity comes my way I don’t want to let it slip by. People’s souls are hanging in the balance. What if the girl decides to come to church?  What if the girl becomes a Christian and this baby she’s carrying grows up to do great things for God? None of that could happen unless someone says “yes”. I want to say “yes”! I want to see opportunities and use every resource I have, even when it’s not convenient, to help and love others. God wants to change the world, one person at a time. And when he looks for someone to use, I want to be there, ready and waiting. Are you with me?

Christie Weakly, 18, is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with the addition of a Masters of Business. She was homeschooled all the way through and thoroughly enjoyed her education experience. She holds her second degree black belt in Taekwondo, having practiced the sport for seven years. She loves working out, reading, pondering ideas and discussing ideals, learning, writing, drinking coffee and tea, and trying new things.


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