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I can remember how surprised I was when I realized that 1 John 1:3 really said “You can have fellowship with us”.  Regarding fellowship, John says, “and our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Christ Jesus”.  It was such a blessing to me and it became a foundational truth for my life.

These days nine out of ten Christians would define fellowship as going to church or getting together with other believers. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but what if John’s description of the word became uppermost in our thinking and speaking?

 “How was your fellowship with Father and Jesus this week? “

“I’ve had great fellowship the past few days, God is so good.”

It is quite possible for us to miss what John is talking about. I certainly would have missed it if God had left me to my own reasoning. As a young Christian my mind was so full of leadership ambition, ministry ambition, winning a million souls, making disciples and the like. All good stuff, but without the Lords intervention I stood a good chance of ending up with the group who will say to Jesus, “ Lord we did many wonderful works in your name” only to hear His response “depart from me, I never knew you”.

A while ago a Christian friend shared with me what he considered to be a big problem in his life. “I can’t hear Gods voice.“ he told me.  It caught me off guard. I didn’t say anything to encourage him. Later I realised that what he had said was a contradiction of Jesus statement “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.” My friends answer was to have faith in the truth that has been spoken by the Lord.

A mentor of mine would tell us how he sometimes spent time with God. It has always stuck with me as a great illustration of the need for faith in our relationship with God. My friend would stand before an armchair in his living room and invite the Lord to be seated in one of the other chairs. He always said God is everywhere so that was not a problem. And then they would talk.

I laugh every time I think of Evangelist Jesse Du Plantis’ story of when for two or three months he had lost all sense of Gods presence and communication with God was gone. Then one day the Lord said “Jesse.”  Jesse responded “Jesus, I thought you’d moved!!”

Personally I have found that you can pick up Gods presence during those times if you have cultivated close fellowship with Him. He keeps us by His power and it is sure to show through somewhere.

Developing friendship with God is pretty basic stuff. Switch off the computer, the iPhone and the TV and get alone with God for a specific time each day by faith. You are sure to get His attention.


Ross Thompson is a 67 year old single man who has been a Christian for over 40 years.  Born in New Zealand, Ross currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.  His passion is helping believers to understand and receive who they truly are in Christ and all that Jesus has given to us.  His past includes pastoral work, children’s ministry, lecturing at a Bible College, theology and ministry education, and street evangelism.  Reaching the lost is something utmost on his mind.  You can find Ross here:

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