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Fathers Day

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Fathers Day
By Macailyn Maciel-Melendez (age 9)

Father’s Day is a very special day! Did you know that your dad and grandpa should be celebrated? It’s like Mother’s Day but for your most wonderful father and your grandfather.

Take some time and think about your dad and what he means to you. Can’t think of anything? Let me tell you about my dad and maybe it will help you appreciate your own dad more.

My dad saved my life from almost getting hit by a semi truck! Thanks, dad!

My dad helps me with my homework and, wow, I get good grades because he cares about my work and what I learn!

My dad loves to tease and make me feel loved and secure in my home with my mom and my brother.

I don’t know what I’d do without my dad.

And, my grandpa, is really the very best, too. He’s funny and he loves to make me laugh. I love spending time at his house with my grandma. But what I love the best is his hugs because he’s so tall and he’s so strong. He makes me feel like I’m special.

So, tell your dad and your grandpa to enjoy their day.

And, while you’re at it, think about how much they remind you of God!

God saves us like my dad saved me from the truck.

God helps us with everything we need just like my dad helps with my homework because He cares about me and everything I do.

God loves to make me feel loved and secure just like my dad does.

God is also like my grandpa because He’s the very best, too. He is the strongest and the biggest and He makes me feel special.

Give your dad and your grandpa plenty of kisses and hugs. Tell them how much you love them, not just on Fathers Day, but every day of the year. They will be so happy that they will be speechless!

Oh, did I tell you I love my dad and my grandpa? Guess I did!

But I’ll say it again … I LOVE MY DAD AND MY GRANDPA!

Macailyn loves to write, to share her thoughts with others, and to express herself with words. She is a charismatic personality that shows through everything she does. At nine years old, she is a basketball star, an excellent cheerleader, loves to bowl and run and play. In other words, she’s full of life.

Macailyn lives at home with her family which includes two dogs: Mack, a 180-lb rotweiller; and Zeus, a 10-lb miniature pincer.

Known as “Caila” (pronounced kay-la), she is a natural leader. She made up her own cheers and taught them to other kids, and is overall creative. She is top in her class and often done with her work very early. Her teacher encourages her to write and has often been amazed at her skillful writing and her ability to express her imagination at her age. Caila is musical; she loves to dance and sing and play the piano.

Of course, since she is the granddaughter of Jan Ross of Women of PASSIONS, this bio may be just a little biased! But, nevertheless, she is a wonderful young lady with a wonderful future ahead of her.

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